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You’ve tied the knot, hooray! Now it is time to take your new last name and complete all of the document changes that come with it! While this might sound like a scary task, in reality it is a simple list of changes that can be really fun!

Let’s get started!

All Legal Documents

Change your name on all major legal documents including your social security card, driver’s license, car title, rent, debit and credit cards, checkbook and passport! These are arguably the most important items to change your name on for obvious reasons!

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Social Media

This is probably the most fun part! Change all of your social channels to match your new name! (Bonus points if you can think of a clever Instagram name with your new one!) Not only is this going to keep you on the “just married” high, but it’s something fun you and your new husband can do together!

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Follow up with all of your doctors and let them know about your recent marriage and your new last name! It will make their filing easier and your life easier the next time you go in for a checkup! This includes general doctors and any other doctors you frequent!

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The most boring on this list is arguably the most important! Don’t skip over changing your name on your bills! You have to do it! It’ll benefit you so much in the long run and avoid any unnecessary headaches with bills filed under the wrong name!

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Make sure all of your work people know that you need all emails, business cards, and paychecks to go under your new last name! Meet with your HR representative to allow them time to process this change within whatever system your employer uses! The sooner you get this changed, the sooner your clients and coworkers can get used to calling you by your new last name!

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There are a lot of random things that involve your last name, don’t leave those out! Don’t forget to change your memberships, organizations and other subscriptions that you might be involved in!

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After you have double checked that everything is in your new name you can take a breath knowing that the world is now up to date with your new name and fun new life with your spouse!