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Wedding First Looks: How to Capture the Perfect Moment

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Weddings are whirlwinds of activity and emotion for everyone involved, and sometimes as the couple-to-be, all you want is a private, heartfelt moment with your beloved! This is why more and more often, couples are opting to include a first look in their wedding, which is a private moment between partners before the ceremony begins.

What exactly is this intimate moment and what does it mean for your plans? Here’s what to know about first looks at your wedding and how you can creatively capture the moment on film. 

What is a First Look? 

Close your eyes and imagine seeing your soon-to-be spouse in their wedding attire for the first time. It’s an emotional moment!

Some couples would rather hold this intimate encounter privately than in front of a large gathering of friends and family. A first look lets the couple see each other and share a romantic moment before facing the crowd.

For a first look, the couple will get ready separately and plan to meet in a location once they’re both ready. One partner arrives early and waits, their back to the arriving partner. When everyone is in position, the first partner will turn around and take in their partner in their full wedding attire. 

This gives the couple a private moment to soak in the momentous decision to get married. It can be extremely romantic, and you’ll want to capture it on film so that you can relive the energy and emotion of that moment forever!

Should You Do a First Look?

The first look is certainly a step away from tradition, but many couples-to-be consider it for good reasons!

The privacy and intimacy of a first look is one of the most popular reasons to consider it. After all the hectic planning and exhilaration leading up to your big day, this is a moment of peace and calm to soak up your new spouse and remember the reason why you wanted to get married in the first place. 

Some people are still nervous about the prospect of their wedding, right up until the moment they say their vows. A first look gives you a chance to soothe any nerves and take comfort in the presence of your partner.

It also saves time, since many photographs of the couple are taken before the ceremony. If you can get the portraits out of the way before you are officially married, you can reduce shooting time after the ceremony. This gives you time to enjoy your guests and celebrate fully. 

What about the downsides to a first look? For one, you’ll be forgoing the long-held tradition of not seeing your spouse before the wedding. It takes away from the drama of the moment when your fiancée sees you for the first time in front of your guests and loved ones. For some guests, their favorite part is watching the expressions of the bride and groom when they meet eyes for the first time.

It also means that you’ll have to get ready sooner if you want to take photographs before the ceremony begins. Some people spend hours getting ready for their big day, so this could interfere with the timeline of hair, makeup, and other appointments.  

From a cinematography perspective, it might be harder to capture the perfect lighting for a first look. Instead of evening photos during the golden hour, first looks tend to take place in the afternoon when the sun is harsher. It means you might want to take more videos and photos after the event to capture that picture-perfect setting. 

First Look Ideas for the Perfect Moment

How can you capture the right first look at your wedding? The creative possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Here are a few creative ideas and first look poses that will look stunning on film. 

Descending the Stairs

If you want to capture a beautiful moment and your venue allows for it, let one partner come down a picturesque staircase to the waiting party. This gives you a dramatic appearance where a dress train can be seen in full display. It’s dramatic and beautiful, showing up great on film. 

Dramatic Approach 

Another fantastic idea that shows up well on film is to get a long, dramatic approach to your partner. You might walk down a long driveway or the street to a desired meeting place. You could meet in a cute courtyard where one spouse emerges from the hedges or walk along the seashore if you are having a beach wedding. 

Hide from your Spouse

Another creative way to capture a beautiful moment on film is to hide from your spouse. Come up behind them and place your hands over their eyes. This ensures that there’s no peeking until the moment is perfect! Then, you can uncover their eyes and capture the entire reaction to seeing you in your wedding attire. 

Double Reveal 

With the previous ideas, one partner gets to see the other first until the big reveal. In a double reveal, both partners are kept from seeing each other until the same moment. This will require the help of your videographer to make sure you are both back-to-back. You can hold hands and take a moment to connect before you turn around and reveal the final look. 

A Choreographed Dance

If you want something that’s going to look fantastic on film, consider having a first dance with your partner during a first look. This is an opportunity to spin and take in the full effect of both partners in their wedding attire. Even a simple spin can show up beautifully on film and capture the full effect of your outfit. 

Capture Forever In Your Wedding Film

The right wedding cinematographer can help you coordinate a stunning first look and capture the moment on film for you to enjoy forever. Reverent Wedding Films is the biggest wedding cinematographer in the Texas area, specializing in timeless, romantic cinematic storytelling that shares the story of your love. We would love to help you capture the once-in-a-lifetime memories of your big day! 

If you want a first look video that you will cherish for the rest of your life, reach out to us today to discuss an option as unique as you are.