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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! December is one of the most magical months of the year to hold your wedding. The cheer that comes with Christmas approaching, paired with the beautiful whites, dark greens and reds everyone seems to decorate with creates a special atmosphere you can’t replicate any other time of the year. 

Though having a December wedding is clearly approaching Christmas, you do not have to make your wedding “Christmas-themed.” Subtle hints to the holiday are an understated and perfect way to create the perfect festive wedding while still allowing the focus to be on your wedding and not Christmas. Read on to find out how you can incorporate Christmas into your wedding without overdoing it!

Christmas weddings |Reverent Wedding Films

Use Gift Ornaments as Party Favors

Instead of small party favors that your guests will toss away after a week or two, introduce something your guests could use and would like to keep! A tree ornament dedicated to your special day is a gift your guests will want to keep and will always remind them of the memories of your wedding.

Christmas weddings |Reverent Wedding Films

Using Winter Blooms

If you live in an area that doesn’t get a lot of snow, you can bring hints of that snowy white to your wedding through your flowers! Amaryllis flowers, white roses, Star of David flowers, and others are simple yet beautiful ways to give your wedding the feel of a magical winter even if you don’t have snow on your wedding day!

Christmas weddings | Reverent Wedding Films

Hang string lights

Regardless of the type of wedding you have, using string lights adds a certain magical feeling to your wedding that nothing else can replicate.

  • Wrapping them around trees in an outdoor wedding is a beautiful way to make your wedding feel like a winter wonderland.

  • Hanging them overhead is a great way to keep the whole wedding lighted and give the entire event an even more romantic feel than it previously had.

  • Letting string lights hang down from a wall is also a beautiful way of giving the vibe of a winter wonderland, as well as making a perfect place for photos with your significant other!

Regardless of how you want to bring some winter magic to your wedding, you deserve to have a team of videographers who can capture the magic of your wedding with dazzling beauty. If you want to ensure your wedding video is shot by award-winning videographers who will give you sweet memories for years to come, contact us today!