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There is no such thing as a “textbook” wedding. Everyone has different tastes and  different desires for how their wedding will look. In social media and in many movies however, the perfect wedding is generally shown to be held in a huge hall with everyone the couple has ever known sitting and cheering.

 While those massive weddings may be great for the couple getting married, they may not be perfect for you, or maybe they are unreasonable for your budget. It is just as perfect to have a smaller venue and guestlist for your wedding, and here are three reasons why!

Small Weddings | Reverent Wedding Films

You’ll Save Money

Most couples who plan smaller weddings do so because it is less straining on their wallets. Naturally, inviting fewer people means you need less food, you can use a smaller venue, and you can spend less on the general wedding decor. Not only will you find yourself in less debt with a smaller wedding, but you can also put the money you saved on your wedding toward a better or more expensive honeymoon!

Be mindful, some event venues do not have a set price and instead charge per person, which can take up more of your budget than was originally planned.

Small Weddings | Reverent Wedding Films

You Get More Venue Options

Not everybody wants a wedding  in a great hall or a massive arena. Some people want to have a wedding in a simpler setting, or even something as private as their backyard. Having a smaller wedding can make venue options like this possible.

With a smaller wedding, you get the best of both worlds. You are still given the option to plan your wedding in any general wedding venues, but you can reserve smaller venues that can be set up and organized perfectly to hold your smaller guest list. 

Small Weddings | Reverent Wedding Films

Smaller Weddings Can be More Sentimental

It’s understandable if you want to share the emotions of your special day with as many people as possible, but inviting too many people to your wedding can also cause problems. Yes, you will have many people who can say they were there on your special day, but will you be able to say you spent a meaningful amount of time with everyone who came?

The sad truth is, except for those closest to you, with a big wedding, the majority of your guests will only be able to give you a hug and congratulations before you have to focus on a different friend or family member. Smaller weddings eliminate this problem. 

Though you would have to cut your wedding invite list down a bit more, you will be able to spend a meaningful amount of time with the people you do invite. Instead of simply sitting there while your family and friends say hello and then move on, you will be able to feel like you are genuinely bonding with those you love while experiencing such a special moment.

Regardless of whether you and your spouse plan to have a smaller wedding or not, you should still be able to look back on your wedding years later with the same joy  you had that day. Reverent Wedding Films is here to ensure you can do just that with our award-winning wedding videography! Contact us or check out our wedding portfolio today!