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Hire your wedding videographer as soon as you have your wedding date secured and have booked your venue! That’s the best possible advice we can give our clients if they want to have a cinematic wedding film that fully captures their love story and special day.

Couples sometimes hesitate to hire a professional cinematographic crew. Budget constraints, as well as a mistaken perception that a simple photographer is sufficient, make them question whether they need to have a videographer at their wedding. And yet, as days and months pass, they realize how much they will be missing from their wedding without a wedding film. By this time, however, it could be too late to hire a filming crew with the right experience, equipment, and expertise.

Instead of risking missing out on a crucial component of your wedding day, organize your wedding early and hire a cinematic wedding videographer as soon as possible. You won’t regret it!

Why Should I Hire a Wedding Videographer?

So, is it worth getting a videographer for your wedding? A wedding is much more than a series of snapshots. It is all about emotional moments, softly spoken words, and a loving embrace. These precious scenes cannot be printed on paper: they require video to let everything evolve and unfold.

Your wedding video will include loving words from your loved ones, laughter, and happy tears. It will have solemn vows but also joyful smiles. You will want to watch your wedding video time and time again to remember how that moment felt and relive it with your spouse, friends, and family.

When Should I Book My Wedding Videographer?

Once you have booked your date and chosen a venue, you must book your wedding cinematographer.

Many wedding videographers are booked years in advance and simply cannot take on more filming projects.

As professional wedding videographers, we advise our clients to hire their crew nine months before the wedding. At the latest, they should do so no later than six months before the wedding day. Ideally, you should book your videographer and your photographer together and get them to meet each other so that they know how they each work. This will make your wedding photo shoot and video filming go as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.

We have established some helpful guidelines to help you decide when to book your wedding photographer.

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Consider Your Wedding Date

Your wedding date will determine how far in advance you should hire your videographer. Spring and fall weddings are in high demand, so filming crews will be booked solid during weekends. If you plan to get married during the high wedding season, give your wedding videographer a heads-up at least nine months in advance.

Weekday weddings have less competition than weekend ones. For example, if you are getting married on a Tuesday afternoon, you could find a cinematic wedding videographer six months in advance. Likewise, mid-winter weddings are fewer, and you could probably hire a videographer just a few months in advance.

However, remember that most of the work a filmographer does is after the wedding to edit the film and create a cinematic version. So if your videographer has a lot of wedding films to edit, even if your wedding is on a weekday, they could still hesitate to take you on board.

What Wedding Film Style Do You Want?

If you want a short cinematic film without a documentary film, this involves less work than the full package of a long highlight film with a documentary film.

In this case, the filming crew will stay for fewer hours at the wedding and have less editing work afterward. Even so, don’t leave your videographer booking until a month before the wedding, as it will almost certainly be too late.

What Parts of Your Wedding Should be Filmed?

Many couples want to document everything from their wedding day: the bride getting ready, the groom laughing with his friends, the arrival of the guests, the ceremony, the reception, the party afterward, and every small yet significant detail and moment. Some couples even want the crew to be there during the rehearsal dinner. Others like to only include the most important moments of the wedding, like the ceremony itself and the reception.

So, decide how much of the wedding you want to be filmed and book your videographer accordingly. We suggest not skipping hiring a videographer solely due to budget constraints. Instead, find a package that delivers a quality video, even if it covers only the wedding ceremony. If you opt for a more limited package, you could book six months in advance — but we strongly suggest you don’t wait any later.

When Should You Book Your Wedding Videographer

Book Reverent Wedding Films for Your Wedding

We have wedding video packages that cater to all budgets and preferences. We want couples to have something as beautiful and unique as their wedding to watch for years after. Don’t miss out on your wedding film — book your videographer well in advance and choose the wedding package that fits your needs.

Reverent Wedding Films can film weddings in Austin, Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, Longview, Woodlands, Waco, Bryan, San Antonio, New Braunfels, and San Antonio, Texas, as well as destination weddings all over the world. Contact us online today, and let’s book your wedding date!

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