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Wedding Toast Ideas: 9 Tips for a Timeless, Memorable Speech

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Whether you’re part of the bridal party, a vendor, or even simply a guest, it’s an incredible honor to take part in the start of someone’s happily ever after. If you’re a maid of honor, best man, or parent of the bride or groom, you might even be asked to give a toast at the wedding reception!

As flattering and touching as the request might be, it’s only natural to feel a little anxious about what to include in your speech. After all, a wedding toast can be an unforgettable highlight of the celebration. How can you craft something fun and engaging for the audience while balancing the sincerity and gravity of the occasion? 

Here are some wedding toast ideas and tips to help you write the perfect speech. 

1. Start with a Strong Opening

The opening of your speech is your chance to captivate the audience and hold their attention, so start strong! Briefly introduce yourself and describe your relationship to the couple. This is also the perfect time to share a brief but heartfelt congratulations —  they’ll be sure to appreciate it. 

After these essentials, it’s time for an attention-grabbing opening line. A friendly joke can be an excellent wedding toast idea, as it gets everyone laughing and sets the mood for a happy, lighthearted speech. If you’re not a natural comedian, you can also start with a charming anecdote or fun fact about your loved one.

One common wedding toast tip is to choose a theme. Weaving a common theme throughout your speech can serve as a foundation for a cohesive, memorable speech.

2. Keep it Concise

If your speech goes on for too long, guests may be inclined to tune out or chat amongst themselves. Avoid this by keeping your toast concise. Ideally, it should last no more than five minutes. 

Prior to the wedding, time yourself reading your speech. Keep in mind that you might speak a little faster at the actual event, as people tend to speed up when they’re feeling nervous. If your speech is too long, go back and decide what can be shortened or removed. Focus on what you need to get the point across. Avoid unnecessary details, as they could be confusing or detract from the point of your story. 

3. Personalize Your Message

It goes without saying that your speech should be true to the ones it’s about. Make your toast truly special by commenting on what makes the happy couple’s relationship unique or telling stories that are reflective of their relationship. 

To come up with wedding toast story ideas, take some time to brainstorm your favorite memories and experiences with the couple to use as inspiration. Skim through old photo albums of the good times you’ve shared. Put yourself in the bride and groom’s shoes and think about the types of stories you would want to hear. 

While it’s important to personalize your speech, avoid inside jokes unless your speech includes sufficient context. Otherwise, inside jokes could make some people in the audience feel alienated. Keep your speech as inclusive as possible, with stories and jokes that everyone can understand and relate to. 

4. Include Both Partners

When you’re bouncing around wedding toast ideas, remember that a well-crafted speech addresses both the bride and the groom rather than only talking about one person. By including both partners in your speech, you’re highlighting the couple’s journey together and the excitement of their union. 

Of course, if you know the groom much better than the bride or vice versa, it’s natural for your speech to focus on that person slightly more. However, you can still find ways to tie in the other partner. For example, if you’re the groom’s brother, you could spin the story of your first time meeting the bride or how the groom told you he was proposing. Highlight the groom’s feelings for the bride and the ways they complement each other. 

Check with others in the bridal party about their planned toasts to ensure the speeches are balanced. For example, if your speech focuses on the groom, you could talk to one of the bridesmaids and make sure their toast focuses on the bride to even things out.  

5. Balance Humor and Sentiment

Your toast is the opportunity to share your heartfelt feelings and special memories with the couple. However, if your entire toast is sentimental, it can feel a bit overwhelming. Balance things out by adding some lighthearted humor where it fits. For example, you can balance a sweet, nostalgic story with a funny one. 

Focus on keeping the speech natural and authentic to you and the couple. Humor certainly helps keep the toast engaging, but don’t feel like you have to force any jokes. 

6. Steer Clear of Controversy

While you want your toast to be engaging, it should be engaging for the right reasons. Stay away from sensitive or controversial topics that could make anyone feel uncomfortable. In particular, avoid sharing anything about past relationships or embarrassing stories. You should also steer clear of jokes that could be offensive or political comments that could start arguments. 

If you’re unsure if something’s inappropriate, run your wedding toast ideas past the bride and groom and get their approval ahead of time. 

7. Practice Makes Perfect

Practice your toast ahead of time to work out the kinks and get more comfortable making a speech. Ideally, you should practice in front of an audience, so ask a friend and family member to listen and provide some feedback. 

Don’t feel like you have to have your entire toast memorized — you can use note cards to jog your memory. However, you should practice enough to have your key talking points ready to go. This will allow you to make eye contact with the audience rather than just reading off the cards. 

8. Be Sincere

Sincerity and authenticity will go a long way when making your wedding toast. Be yourself and speak from the heart. While you’ll need to keep your toast appropriate for the audience, you don’t need to adhere to specific stereotypes or expectations. This sincerity will be appreciated by the couple and will make your toast one to remember. 

9. End on a High Note

If you shared any anecdotes or themes earlier on in the speech, the ending can be a powerful moment to come full circle. However, there’s no need to overthink it – keep it simple and express your congratulations and well wishes for the couple’s future. Finally, encourage everyone to raise their glasses in celebration of the happy couple!

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We sincerely hope these wedding toast ideas spark some inspiration for you! Weddings are often overflowing with feelings and emotions that are too big for words. If you struggle to express just how happy you are to see your loved ones tie the knot, don’t worry – it only proves just how much you care!

Take your time. As long as you approach your wedding toast with love and sincerity, the newly wedded couple is sure to cherish your gift and hold it close to their hearts.

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