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20 Creative Summer Wedding Ideas to Make Your Day Unforgettable

By April 18, 2024No Comments

Vibrant blooms, bright, sunny days, and a feeling of freedom and adventure – what’s not to love about summer? With warm weather and trilling songbirds, it’s also a gorgeous time of year for a wedding!

If you’re dreaming of a summer wedding, there are so many fantastic, unforgettable ways to be inspired by the season. From keeping your guests cool to leaving them wowed by your special day, what are some creative wedding ideas for summer? 

Here are twenty great ideas to give you the wedding of your dreams this sunny summer season.

1. Fans

Everyone wants to stay cool during the heat of a summer shindig, so why not supply your guests with fans that pull double-duty? You can use them as menus, favors, or even escort cards to keep a constant breeze and keep guests in the loop of what you expect of them. 

2. Summer Succulents

Imagine providing guests with a gorgeous, unique favor they can take home to remember your day! Summer succulents are a creative choice for DIY wedding favors or escort cards. They’re also easy to care for, making for a long-lasting gift that will brighten each guest’s home.

3. Ice Cream Cake

Most brides and grooms think about a multi-tiered cake that they can cut for the first time. What about a unique twist on the essential dessert with an ice cream cake that can help cut the heat of a summer wedding? 

4. Pastel Color Theme

Bright, bold jewel tones are always a beautiful look, but if you want a more delicate approach to your summer wedding theme, play around with pastels! These soft, elegant hues perfectly complement the bright summer sun and blend into the blooming flowers that surround your big day, especially if you’re holding an outdoor wedding

5. Outdoor and Garden Games

Take advantage of the warm, sunny weather by giving your guests an interactive way to pass the time! On a patch of cool grass, set up outdoor games like croquet and cornhole where they can laugh, mingle, and engage with other guests. The best part is that this is an extremely affordable form of entertainment that people of all ages can enjoy. 

6. Destination Beach Wedding

Imagine exchanging vows to the sound of crashing waves while the crisp, salty sea breeze tickles your hair and cheeks. No list of wedding ideas for summer ceremonies would be complete without a destination wedding on the beach. Enjoy a breathtaking horizon and bright, blue water as the backdrop for your perfect day!

7. Poolside Wedding

Maybe a destination beach wedding isn’t in the cards for you, but you still want to stay cool. One alternative is hosting a poolside wedding that enables your guests to take a dip in the cool waters when the ceremony ends. Round out the day with a barbecue!

8. Midsummer Night Dream Wedding

Hold your wedding after the sun goes down on a warm summer evening. Decorate with tiny fairy lights, butterflies, dainty flower arrangements, and themed cocktails to create a soft, romantic atmosphere brimming with magic!

9. Spend the Day on the Water

In the midst of a high-energy day surrounded by loved ones, you might find yourself longing for a private, stolen moment with your new spouse. Capture some unique, romantic wedding pictures by rowing a boat out into the lake or river by your wedding venue. A boat ride is peaceful and intimate, and it can catch the summer sun on the water in amazing ways. 

10. Edible Wedding Favors

Summer brings with it a bountiful harvest of fresh, ripe fruits and veggies. Instead of handing out chocolates that will melt in the heat, put together flavorful gift bags of seasonal local produce like berries. 

11. Decorate with Seasonal Trees

Greenery has a stunning place in an outdoor wedding, and you can capitalize on the beauty with in-season trees! Fruit trees and cherry blossoms are the perfect addition to your décor and can align with almost any design and theme. With the right vendor, you can find potted dwarf varieties that are easy to arrange and move.

12. Serve Oysters

During a sweltering summer day, you and your guests might not be keen on the idea of a hot appetizer bar. Why not go with seafood instead? Oysters are a fantastic way to cool down your guests and satisfy their cravings with fresh seasonal fare. 

13. Colorful Cakes

How much have you thought about the design of your cake? Many couples decide on classic white or something that matches the wedding theme. However, one summer wedding idea is to go bold with color! Consider using icing, flowers, or fruit to add a pop of fresh seasonal color that makes your dessert table truly stand out. 

14. Sunglasses as Favors

For all the cheer and warmth the sun brings during summer, it can also be quite bright! Give your guests a break by providing a stylish pair of sunglasses. Plus, these make for fantastic group photos if you choose a frame that complements the bride and groom’s attire. 

15. Rent a Convertible

Whether you want to ride off into the sunset after your reception or capture memories to hang on the wall later, a convertible car delivers. Feel the breeze in your hair and enjoy a stunning view as you drive away with the top down! 

16. Creative Water Refreshments

With warm weather and high excitement, have a plan to keep your thirsty guests well-hydrated! Even if you have an open bar, it’s a good idea to ensure that your guests have access to water. Adorn your water with cucumbers, fresh lemon and lime, or even mint to elevate this essential item. Coconut water is also a great choice. 

17. Seasonal Welcome Bags

If you’re planning a destination wedding, it’s not uncommon to supply guests with welcome bags at their hotel. Theme these bags for the summer with items and treats like flip-flops, beach towels, mini bottles of alcohol, sun hats, and other creative summery items. 

18. Popsicles

Popsicles aren’t just for kids! Offer popsicles with fresh fruit and herbs for sophisticated, unexpected flavor combinations that will cool your guests down while they wait for dinner to be served. They can even be used in place of ice in signature cocktails.

19. Set Up Tents

While a clear summer day offers sun and warmth for the event, it can also come with heat – especially if guests will be outside for extended periods. Set up tents for them to escape the glaring sun and cool down in the shade. These tents can open to allow the breeze to pass through, making for a comfortable place to relax. 

20. Don’t Forget Bug Spray

Sometimes the littlest details are the most important. If you’re holding your wedding in an area prone to bugs, protect guests from mosquitos as the sun goes down with bug spray in fun spray bottles. Just make sure to situate the bug spray station away from the food!

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