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A well-organized wedding will run smoothly. The couple will arrive at the ceremony and the guests will be gently guided toward the reception area. While appearing simple, this seemingly effortless flow of a wedding is based on a wedding host or hostess making sure that all events run smoothly one after the other so that the couple and guests have a wonderful time.

Sometimes, the wedding hostess duties are assigned to a family member who loves organizing events and is blessed with awesome communication skills and a vibrant personality. If no such person can be found, couples often choose to hire a professional hostess who will run the wedding and coordinate all expected—and unexpected—events.

A wedding hostess can make our videographers’ lives easier. When guests are escorted into the ceremony and the reception areas in an orderly way, we can film the couple and their loved ones with more freedom, based on the hostess’ plans. This way, the filming of the ceremony, the vows, the arrival at the reception, and the toasts can be easily filmed, letting us capture all significant moments and including more of the people surrounding the couple.

What Does A Hostess Do At A Wedding?

One of the most important wedding hostess duties is answering questions to help guests feel comfortable and happy. They are there to organize and structure your wedding in a genial and discreet way. If you want to choose a host or hostess from your friends or family rather than hire a professional, keep in mind that personality is key. Open, easy-going people with a great sense of humor are perfect for the role of a hostess.

A Wedding Hostess Welcomes Guests

The foremost task of hosts is to greet and welcome guests. Sometimes, guests are overwhelmed by an unfamiliar environment and won’t know what the sequence of events includes. A host will welcome them, guide them to the gift table, hand them the program for the ceremony, and show them to their seats at the reception.

Hostess at wedding | Reverent Weddings, The Best Wedding Videography

A Wedding Hostess Coordinates Vendors

Wedding hostess duties also include coordinating vendors as they arrive. Caterers, DJs, photographers, and videographers are welcomed by the hostess and guided through the venue to find their spot, set up their equipment, and get all the necessary information regarding the wedding event flow. All the small, yet crucial, behind-the-scenes tasks are made much easier with the help of a methodical hostess.

A Wedding Hostess Organizes The Wedding

For the bride and groom to fully immerse themselves in their wedding, someone has to take care of the countless things that turn an ordinary wedding into an amazing experience. Among other things:

  • Guests will greatly appreciate having someone show them to the restroom or taking gifts off their hands.
  • Your wedding hostess will pack up the gifts and send them to the couple’s home.
  • The wedding host or hostess will help pack the guest book so that you can read it at home after the wedding.
  • The hostess will take care of any personal items that were part of the decoration and which you may wish to have back.
  • Wedding hostess duties should include passing out programs during the ceremony to help guests enjoy the service and fully participate in all the wedding events.
Hostess at wedding | Reverent Weddings, The Best Wedding Videography

A Wedding Hostess Will Help Events Unfold

How do you know that the champagne glasses are filled before the toast? How will the couple know when the time has come for the first dance? Having someone plan these things in advance will let everyone relax and enjoy the wedding rather than worrying about every small detail.

A wedding hostess will ensure that the various events that make weddings such wonderful moments relate to each other in a seamless way. For example, the wedding hostess will discreetly guide guests from the ceremony to the reception and help them find their seats so that everybody is seated when the couple arrives. The hostess will also take care of the champagne so that all the guests have their glasses filled before wishing the couple happiness and joy.

Like a beautifully choreographed film, wedding hostess duties ensure your wedding runs smoothly and exactly as you expect it.

A Wedding Hostess Is Prepared For The Unexpected

What if uncle Jake has a nasty fall and sprains his ankle? What if the mother of the bride loses her purse? What if a few guests drink too much and need to take an Uber or a taxi back home?

Wedding hostesses will be prepared for such emergencies. They will contact the right person and take care of any accidents that could otherwise spoil a wedding. It is impossible for the bride and groom to tend to every problem that might arise—but they also want their wedding to be an enjoyable experience for all guests. A dedicated hostess will structure your wedding and maintain the itinerary in a tactful, unobtrusive way that will help keep the guests’ attention on the couple rather than any mishaps.

Choose Reverent Wedding Films For Your Wedding Film

As videographers, we appreciate it when a wedding is well choreographed and properly supervised. It helps us set up our equipment and organize our schedule in an orderly way. It makes it easier to film all parts of the wedding, from the arrival of the couple to the ceremony and the reception. It also provides the perfect opportunity to capture beautiful moments where everybody is happy and joyous, without any stress or worries.

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