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Reverent Wedding Films has captured thousands of weddings, so we’ve seen it all! Whether you’re looking for fun ideas to infuse some personal touches into your wedding day or searching for inspiration to take your day from great to truly unforgettable, we’ve got you covered! So here are 22 fun, trendy, and unique ideas to help make your wedding day even more memorable:

1. Requesting Guests to Wear a Specific Color Palette

One way to add a personal touch to your big day is by asking your guests to wear specific colors. This way, your wedding video, and photos will be so aesthetically pleasing! Before you make your request, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, pick a color or colors that are common and easy for your guests to find. You don’t want anyone having to scramble at the last minute to find the perfect outfit! Second, make sure your request is clear by including it on your invitations (Etsy has the best templates for this!) and on your wedding website. Do not forget to let your vendors know about your color pallet, they might not be able to match, but at least they’ll know not to wear anything that will clash.

2. Take A Moment To Pause And Reflect

During your ceremony, have your officiant invite you to a moment of silence with God, your loved ones who couldn’t make it, and with one another. Take a second to look around at your family and friends. Really, take a moment to pause, breathe, and remember. Take in your surroundings, your guest’s smiles, and their love. The day is so crazy, and you will not regret taking this cherishable moment.

3. Flower Grandmas

We can’t get over how cute this one is! What could be more special than having your grandparents play a role on your wedding day? Flower grandmas are the perfect way to honor your grandma and make her feel special. Not only will she look beautiful in her dress and flower crown, but she’ll also be surrounded by the people she loves most. 

4. Flower Man

You know him, and you love him. A flower man. Give him a walk up song and let him do his thing. Whether he’s throwing flowers or handing out beers to your guests, this is such a fun way to get your guests involved!

5. Live Wedding Painter

Live Event Painting is a truly unique and exciting service for your big day. During your wedding an artist creates a painting from start to finish as the event unfolds, capturing all of the action in real-time. You can have them create a painting of your wedding ceremony or first dance together. Having a live painter is a blend of skill, entertainment, and artistry, that will for sure excite and amaze everyone who witnesses it. 

6. Repurpose Your Mother’s Wedding Dress

You can take the pieces of your mother’s wedding dress and repurpose it! There are so many unique ways to repurpose her dress such as making it into a wedding robe, creating a veil, turning a portion of the dress into a garter, or even wearing her wedding dress and having it refurbished. This is such a great way to incorporate touches of your mother’s big day into your own.

7. Groomsmen First Look

We all know and love the first look with your bridesmaids, but what about a first look with the groomsmen? Especially, if you have known this group for a very long time! We have captured THE BEST moments of groomsmen hyping up the bride and it’s always such a fun (and emotional) experience!

8. Reception Dress

It is your wedding day, so why not go all out and have TWO dresses! A reception dress is a great opportunity to let your personality shine! This style change gives your videographers and photographers a new fun aesthetic to capture. And let’s face it, it’s much easier to dance in a party dress.

9. After The Tone Guest Book

Have your guests sign into your wedding with an audio phone call! Your guests will pick up the phone, leave you a fun message, wish you well, and congratulate you. We love this because you can actually hear your guest’s voices and messages. Pro-tip, depending on your guests you may want them to have access to the phone during the reception.. or not if you want some funny messages! 

10. Mixed Gender Wedding Parties

Break the rules! If you want your brother or male best friend to stand by you on your side, who said you can’t? The day is about you, and if you want your closet friends and family to stand by you on your side then do it! In 2022 we’re breaking the rules and doing what makes us happiest! 

11. Late
Night Snack

After a long, busy day of celebrating and dancing the night away, nothing beats a late-night snack post-reception. Your guests will love you for this! This is also a trick to keep your guests at your wedding instead of slipping out early. This is a perfect time to have your favorite snacks that symbolize you two as a couple ie: taco bar, Chicago hotdog bar, chicken & waffles, burgers….you name it!! 

12. Use Photos Of The Bride And Groom At The Age They Were Corresponding To Each Table Number

We love this personal touch! Pull out those old photos and find a template on Etsy or use Canva for this. Your guests will love looking at each table number. If baby photos aren’t your style then you can always use your engagement or travel photos!

13. Reception Accessories

Incorporating reception accessories into your wedding is so fun for both you and your guests. Whether it’s light-up cowboy hats, foam glow sticks, confetti, or my personal favorite, a CO2 gun, your dance floor will be packed all night. Trust us, coming from a wedding videography team, the videos with these props are such a fun touch on your dance floor!

14. Circle Up

Change the seating style from traditional straight rows and have the chairs set in a circular pattern around you during your ceremony. This way you will be visible to all your guests and make everyone feel included, this is also a great way to make your ceremony more intimate. Literally, you’ll be surrounded by all your friends and family.

15. Release butterflies For Loved Ones

This is a beautiful way to honor those loved ones who couldn’t be with you on your big day. You can do this right before the ceremony or mid-ceremony to honor and remember the ones who can not be there on the big day.

16. Invite Your Guests To Join You For Your First Dance

If you don’t like being the center of attention or like to dance, this may be an option for you. This takes off some of the pressure and allows you to relax. Another option is to have your guests join you towards the end of your first dance. This also gets the party started right away since everyone is on the dance floor!

17. Write Letters To Your Partner’s Side Of The Bridal Party And They’ll Do The Same For You

We love getting moments like these on video, it’s such a sweet and sentimental moment. You can thank them for being part of your significant other’s life, supporting your relationship, and celebrating your wedding day!

18. Honeymoon Cash Fund On Your Wedding Registry

Create a wedding fund on your wedding registry, this can be done on The Knot and Zola. Guests can donate to this account to pay for certain things, such as experiences on your honeymoon, dinners, and so much more!

19. Private Dinner

Your wedding day is busy, and sometimes it’s hard to get quality time with your spouse. You’re being pulled in so many directions, and you’ll want to mingle and spend as much time with your guests as possible. Having a private dinner will give you that quality time with your spouse! And when you’re done eating you have the rest of the night to enjoy with your guests and your new husband!

20. Two Maid Of Honors

Being a maid of honor is a huge responsibility. A great reason to do this is that your maid of honor can help plan together, this relieves the stress and allows them to split tasks, such as the bridal shower and bachelorette party. Any expenses that the maid of honor has can now be split between the two. You can have two maids of honor, or you can have one maid of honor and one matron of honor. The difference in this is that your matron of honor is married and your maid of honor is not.

21. Blow Up Their Phone

Have your phone number on your reception table and have a cute note that says to take photos and videos throughout the night! This way after your wedding you can look back and see what a great time everyone had and you won’t miss a minute of your wedding, also your guests will be entertained during any downtime. 

22. Have Your Guests Sit While You’re Walking Down The Aisle

Right before it’s time for you to walk down the aisle, have your officiant announce to your guests that they should remain seated until you walk past their row. This way all your guests can see you as you walk down the aisle. Usually the most important people in your life are sitting in the front row, this allows them to see the entire walk down the aisle.

Celebrate Your Love With Reverent Wedding Films

No matter what your wedding style is, we hope that you find a few of these ideas helpful in planning your big day. Weddings are all about celebrating the love between two people, and we believe that adding personal touches makes them even more special. Have fun with your planning and enjoy every minute! At Reverent Wedding Films, we can’t wait to be there to capture all of the memories as they unfold!

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