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Many people looking at their wedding films are dazzled by the seamless footage blended with music and effects that makes them think they’re watching a Hollywood movie.

It may feel like magic but cinematographers aren’t magicians—they’re artists. And we’re going to give you a sneak peek behind the curtain.

So, take a tour with us into the world of Reverent Wedding Films and enjoy the magic of wedding videography!

How to Film a Wedding

Creating a quality wedding film requires a lot of experience and know-how, as well as attention to detail and dexterity in editing software. The process begins when the cinematographer takes the initial video footage, then goes through editing, cutting, mixing shots, and sound editing; all to create a cinematic wedding film that’s representative of the couple and tells their unique story. 

A cinematographer’s first step is to meet with the couple and discuss what they are looking for. The cinematographer will evaluate the type of wedding, style, and expectations of the couple. They will also discuss what significant wedding shots the couple wants included in the final film.

Capturing a Wedding’s Spirit

The cinematographer now has a picture of the wedding spirit that is required. On the day of the wedding, the cinematographer and their assistant will take footage from the whole wedding event—everything from the arrival of the guests to behind-the-scenes preparations of the bride and groom, the wedding ceremony, the reception, and the sendoff.

The cinematographer must always be alert; moments like the exchange of vows or the first kiss are unique and cannot be repeated. The cinematographer must be there to film these special moments with the most favorable light and the least background noise.

The cinematographer must also capture the small details that make each wedding so special; things like a heartfelt speech, the breeze that lifts the bride’s veil, a bird’s song during the reception, or the tears of the groom’s father. These are the moments worth remembering and what makes each wedding film unique.

Wedding Film Post-Production

After the wedding, the cinematographer takes the wedding footage to post-production. This means creating a short cinematic film out of many hours of footage.

The film editors will cut, slice, mix, and piece together the footage in a way that makes the film run smoothly and tell a story. They will use special effects and music according to the couple’s taste to create a wedding film that matches their personality and love story.

Once editing is complete, the cinematographer will deliver the cinematic, documentary, or highlights wedding film the couple has asked for.

What Goes into Film Editing?

Film editing requires attention and precision. The film editor needs to go back to the couple’s preferences and determine which pieces of footage must be included in the final cut.

While film editors are savvy about the whole wedding film process, sometimes a moment that feels sweet but skippable to them might be crucial to the bride and groom. The film editor must keep the couple’s wishes in mind at all times as they edit the film.

Each wedding has its own choreography and script: the arrival of the couple, the vows, the first kiss, the first dance, the cake cutting, and the sendoff. Most, though not all, weddings follow this pattern, and the film editor will include these moments in the finished film.

The secret is to incorporate these moments in a way that makes the film unique and exclusive to each couple.

Kinds of Wedding Films

A cinematic wedding film will have a story-telling background. There will be slow sequences with jumps to action. The film may include sepia-toned footage alongside black and white and color to give each moment the right tone.

The editor may also use cut-away shots to focus for a split second on something beautiful happening while the wedding is going on. Likewise, there may be out-of-focus shots to add a romantic and nostalgic look to the film.

These special effects require expertise to handle the editing software in a way that creates a seamless and consistent final wedding film. The editor must know which scenes require the appropriate editing, and how they can be combined together to create a coherent film.

For documentary wedding films, there will often be short interviews with the guests expressing their love for the couple. Documentary wedding films usually follow a chronological order of the wedding events. Documentary wedding films don’t require heavy editing, but the editor still needs to piece together a sequence of events in a gentle and flowing way.

Common Wedding Film Problems

A significant problem that wedding film editors face is background noise and poor lighting.

No matter how good the cinematographer is, background noise from people talking, cars passing by, and clanging plates will always be present. The editor must manage to lower the background noise while adding music to the film.

Similarly, lighting is not always perfect. Imagine a half-lit, romantic barn for a wedding venue. There will be shadows and dark corners that require gentle editing to lighten them up without making them look awkward and flashy.

Get a Wedding Film from the Professionals

A wedding film should be astonishing, captivating, and highly emotional. To create the piece of art your wedding deserves, many experts have to collaborate to make it look so seamless and smooth. 

Reverent Wedding Films has filmed more than 1000 weddings. Our experienced cinematographers, film editors, software specialists, and music and light specialists know how to work together to create a wedding film that captures the spirit of any wedding.

To give yourself a wedding film you’ll love forever, check our availability online or call now 832-536-1897. We film weddings in Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, New Braunfels, and San Antonio, Texas, as well as destination weddings all over the world.

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