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Having children attend your wedding can be a beautiful scene of young life-celebrating young love. However, it can also be a nightmare scene of a child throwing a tantrum in the middle of your ceremony. Though this is one of the worst-case scenarios, don’t let the fear of the worst situation possible keep you from inviting children!

Here are three great ways to make sure your wedding goes smoothly while showing the kids a good time as well!

Hire Childcare

If you have a lot of children coming to your wedding, it could be super helpful to hire a babysitter to keep the little ones in order. From the ceremony to the long dinners, it will be invaluable help to have someone designated to make sure the kids stay away from your cake and out of trouble. The babysitter(s) you hire can be given a list of activities to do with the children, too, so they’re able to keep the kids entertained throughout the night!

Renting an Extra Room

Even if you have a babysitter, having an extra room could be helpful if kids come to your wedding. An extra room will allow you to fully focus on the adult guests in your wedding, but it will also keep any younger children from getting sensory overload due to the number of people present.

You can do whatever you’d like with the room based on the age of the kids attending. Some couples opt for a movie room to keep the kids entertained, some will ask the parents to bring their own kids’ favorite toys so they know the children will be happy.

Outdoor Games

If your wedding is outdoors, keeping the kids entertained will already be easier than if your wedding were indoors. They’ll be able to play with each other and run around with enough space to not alarm you nor their parents. If you want to ensure they’ll have a great time and play amongst themselves, making sure outdoor games are available will be a huge help.

Including games like cornhole, horseshoe, spikeball, even something as simple as hula hoops will entertain the little ones and even some competitive adults, as well!

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor wedding, choose to rent a room for the kids, or let them play outside, you should have a wedding video that makes you the main focus of the day. If you want an award-winning wedding video that will give you heartwarming memories for years to come, check our availability for your date today!