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Tips For Your Green Wedding

In the age of Pinterest and unlimited wedding resources, more companies are offering eco-friendly alternatives to common wedding services. From going paperless to including donations at their weddings, more couples are opting for green weddings, and we are so excited to see this trend!

Reverent Wedding Films prides itself on being a part of the digital wedding community! Because our videos are delivered on USB drives and online, we can minimize waste production without sacrificing the quality of our product. Along with digital photography and cinematography, here are our top choices on the best ways to make sure your wedding is eco-friendly!

Go Local

If you can, hiring local vendors (like Reverent Wedding Films) will minimize travel costs, fuel costs, and environmental tolls that come with hiring vendors that are not based in your area. Plus, you are helping build up local (and sometimes small) businesses!

Bridal Party Outfits

Not only is this sustainable, but it is also courteous to your bridal party! Bridesmaid dresses are notorious for being useful for two things: Being worn at one wedding and wasting space in the back of your closet for the rest of eternity. Select ensembles that can be reused or choose a color scheme and have your bridesmaids shop for their own dress!

Eco Friendly Wedding Ideas

Recyclable Or Biodegradable Paper Products

Weddings produce a lot of trash! From invitations to programs, a lot of paper is used to make your wedding happen. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice elegance for eco-friendly. Biodegradable materials can include bamboo, sugar cane, and many other aesthetically pleasing mediums.


Consider donating your bouquets and centerpieces to either another wedding through Bloomerent or to a local hospital through services like Random Acts of Flowers! You can also consider using potted plants that you can move to your new home instead of cut flowers that will need to be disposed of after your wedding day!

Wedding Favor Options

Let’s face it, a lot of wedding favors get thrown away a week after the wedding. For this reason, many couples are opting out of wedding favors altogether and replacing them with charitable donations! Giving out green favors is not only super trendy right now (succulent favors are all over Pinterest and Instagram), but it’s also a great way to get your guests a gift they can use and enjoy forever! Our Wedding Coordinator (and office “plant mama”), Rachel, used succulents as a wedding favor at her wedding and her guests loved them!

BLVD Photography


Not only is this a great option if you have alcohol at your wedding but having a shuttle also ensures no guests will be late for your wedding and fewer cars are used to get to your wedding venue.

Natural Wedding Exit

While confetti and sparklers make for a beautiful exit, there are plenty of eco-friendly alternatives that look just as good and are more original! By using recycled paper or seed paper for confetti, you can achieve the same look with less impact on the environment. Another alternative to paper altogether is using leaf/ natural confetti! We love the DIY leaf confetti look some couples are creating by using a hole puncher to cut out circles of different colored leaves! Not only do you save money when using natural confetti, but you also save cleaning time when you use them outside!

For more tips on creating an eco-friendly wedding, check out our book on Amazon! We have written an entire section committed to helping you plan the perfect green wedding.