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Music can set the mood for your wedding reception! So how do you decide what matches, a wedding band or a DJ? Some important things to consider are your personal taste (and your fiancé’s!), budget, and reception space. Below, we have listed a few things to help you make this important decision!

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A Few Things To Think About…

Genre: Think about the genre of music that fits you and your fiancé the best and the ambiance for your reception. Some music genres sound best when they are performed live, like country music or big band music! If there is a particular song that you just love the original recording of, then a DJ might be the way to go. The songs that they play will not be covers, which is important if there is a particular song that you want to hear exactly, or if you are having a wide range of music played during the reception.

Variety: Make sure that you choose a good variety of music, regardless of your choice of a wedding band or DJ. You want a good mix of slow and upbeat songs, as well as some classics,  to encourage all of your guests to spend some time on the dance floor!

Budget: Typically, wedding bands are the more expensive choice, depending on the number of band members, their experience, their equipment, the amount of time you have reserved them for, and the day of the wedding (weekend weddings will often cost more than a weekday wedding). The same factors apply to a DJ’s cost as well! Decide how much you have set aside for reception entertainment and research both bands and DJs in that price range to compare.

Space: Check with your venue to see if you have the space for a live band or the hookups needed for DJ equipment before booking. If you book a 12 man band, you could be seriously limiting your guest list, whereas a DJ will typically take up less space in your venue, depending on the amount of equipment that they need. Always check with your venue about any space or equipment guidelines before booking!

Reverent Wedding Films

Wedding Band Or DJ?

Regardless of your decision, always ask to meet the band or DJ in person before booking! It would be ideal if you can see them in action before your big day as well, or at least see examples of previous weddings where they have entertained. Ask to see a playlist from them or if there are any songs or genres where they are limited. It would be tragic to find out right before the wedding that your band or DJ does not know or have a song that is important to you! Create a list of must-have songs and a list of songs that you do not want to be played at your wedding. This way, your band or DJ will have clear expectations from you on the vibe of your wedding reception!

Hopefully, we have given you a few things to think about and it will make your decision easier! To give you some visuals, I’ve included an example film from one of our favorite bands and DJs so you can see for yourself!

Wedding Band: Royal Dukes

Wedding DJ: J&A Entertainment