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A couple of posts back we discussed how to keep your wedding unplugged for the traditional bride, but for the tech savvy couple, an integrated ceremony might be the right fit for you. Here are our top tips for incorporating technology into your wedding.

Wedding Filters

Wedding filters are a Snapchat must for the modern couple. Wedding filters are not only a way to customize your wedding, but are also avenues for guests to get involved in your wedding day! Consider allowing your guests to make their own filters in advance on the Snapchat website or get a couple filters professionally created for your guests to choose from at the wedding. This is a fun way to add a creative and personal touch to all of the photos your guests will snap and share during your wedding!

Wedding Hashtags

Wedding hashtags are nothing new, but have blown up in popularity recently because of their creative and quirky nature. Wedding hashtags serve as a way to keep all of your posts and photos together and are great for looking back at those wedding memories! You can keep wedding hashtags simple or you can go for a more fun take! We love it when brides and grooms get their guests involved with naming their hashtag before the wedding day! This allows the day to be shared and makes sure your guests enjoy your wedding— before and during the day!

Wearable Technology

Wearable tech, like chic rings and bracelets from Ringly, provide an alternative to clunky Apple watches or cellphones. With this wearable tech, members of the wedding party can still get alerts without being glued to their phones the duration of the ceremony. Ringly is hands-down our favorite brand of wearable tech, but feel free to look around and explore what works for you and your wedding party!

Charging Stations

With your guests busy using your custom filters and hashtagging away, charging stations are a necessity for the techy wedding. With a power strip and some DIY magic, you can make some thrifty charging stations for each table at your wedding. To avoid any hiccups, make sure you clear this with your wedding venue and vendors before your wedding day to make sure everything goes smoothly!

Wedding Robots

This one is a little out there but really cool! Companies like Makr Shakr offer robotic bar systems that streamline the process of ordering drinks and allow guests to spend less time at the bar waiting for drinks. Similar wedding robots include robot placeholders like the ones offered from Anybots, allowing guests not attending to walk around and interact as if they were at your wedding day. This might sound like an episode of a sci-fi film, but these innovative robots can smooth out wedding tasks in a breeze! 

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Live Streaming

Perfect for those who aren’t ready to make the jump into letting a robot take their place at a wedding, live streaming is offered through a variety of services. Live streaming is perfect for the guests that can’t make your wedding day but still wish to see the ceremony. Pinterest has even paved the way to making cute live stream baskets filled with wedding invitations, wedding favors, and a link to watch the ceremony live.

Wedding Films

We think it is crazy for anyone to not look into wedding films for their special day! Not only will your wedding film capture the memorable details of your wedding but it will allow you to see all of the things that the above technology was not able to capture! Your live stream won’t be able to capture the emotionally charged moments leading up to your wedding or the unique love story between you and your partner. With our videographers at your wedding we are able to focus on what matters: Telling your love story!

Would you try any of these tech-y wedding ideas? Let us know on our social media channels!