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With so many wedding resources on the internet, knowing where to start can seem like a daunting task. That’s why we’ve gathered a list of wedding apps and websites that we love to recommend to our brides before they get married! While this is not a complete comprehensive list, the resources on this list are sure to point you into the right direction and onto the path to planning the wedding of your dreams!

Paperless Post

Paperless post lets you choose between regular paper invites or paperless evites. They have a collection of stationary for you to choose from and even collaborate with well-known designers like Kate Spade and Rifle Paper Co!


Bloomerent is an innovative floral site that allows floral centerpieces to be shared on your wedding day so they are used for their full shelf life! This means not only are you getting beautiful floral pieces for less money, but you are also reusing flowers for more than one use! Bloomerent finds weddings in your area and coordinates the flower sharing depending on when they are being used in your reception.


Maybe the most well known wedding helper, Pinterest is a go to for all things wedding planning and a great source of inspiration for brides-to-be. For tips, DIY tutorials and more, follow our account on Pinterest!

Pantone Studio

Pantone Studio is an app that is perfect for creating wedding palettes. Once you have an idea of what wedding palette you want, all of your other decor will start to fall into place! Check out our Pinterest page or our list of recent videos we’ve shot if you need any wedding color ideas!

Appy Couple

Appy Couple is a website and App that that combines wedding website creation with wedding planning into one user friendly app. They have free features but also have a Boutique package for $49 and a Luxury package for $149. More information on their services can be found at their website at appycouple.com.

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Carats & Cake

Carats & Cake is a lookbook style website that showcases gorgeous weddings by regions and vendors. Not only a great source of inspiration, Carats & Cake is also a great resource for couples looking for vendors for any aspect of their wedding.

Love Stories Tv

Similar to Carats & Cake, Loves Stories Tv is a lookbook website. However, Love Stories Tv is different in that the website only showcases wedding films. We’ve mentioned this before, but we think that wedding films are a necessity for any wedding— Love Stories Tv makes it easy to find inspiration for what you want in your wedding film.

The Knot

An all around wedding supersite, The Knot couldn’t be forgotten on this list! With multiple apps including their wedding planner app and wedding lookbook app, The Knot is a great source of inspiration and wedding knowledge!


For the couples who aren’t hashtag-savvy, or who want all of their photos easily accessible, Veri is an app that compiles all of the photos and videos taken at your wedding by your guests. Photos are auto-shared instantly in real time and compiled together. The auto-share feature can be turned off at any time and the user-friendly app makes it perfect for any audience who is at your wedding!


Arguably the second most popular after Pinterest on this list, Etsy is a go-to for wedding supplies and decor. We love the personal and unique touch that every item from Etsy holds and think they make gorgeous additions to any bride’s wedding!

We hope our resource list helped you find some neat resources for your wedding! Know of any others that we missed? Let us know! Tweet them to us on twitter!

All photos used in this blog are from our newest wedding film you can watch below!