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Wedding décor includes ceremony decorations such as the altar arrangements, aisle décor, and decorations for the seats. There is also the reception décor with centerpieces on the tables and head table. Finally, let’s not forget about decorations around the bar, entryway, buffet, or cake table.

While you want your wedding to look as perfect as possible, wedding decoration budgets can easily spiral out of control. If that happens to you, here are some ideas for saving money on your wedding decorations. Your wedding will be beautiful and your bank account will thank you!

Wedding Decorations

Be Smart When Buying Your Wedding Flowers

No wedding is complete without lots of flowers. However, not all flowers are the same, and you can save a lot of money by being smart when you choose the type of flowers you want for your decoration.

Big Blooms

Instead of buying many expensive flowers, choose big blooms such as hydrangeas or proteas to act as the centerpiece of your bouquets. You can then add smaller, but less expensive flowers around these large blooms for an overall result that will certainly astound people.

Local and In-Season Flowers

Local florists can help you find flowers that match your budget and still look amazing. Always try to buy local flowers that are in season. Flowers that are out of season will cost more, as they have to be shipped from somewhere far away.

If you can find a farmer who grows cutting flowers, get in touch with them. They will probably sell you fresh flowers at a discount, compared to a florist.

Repurpose Flowers and Décor

Repurposing decorations has lately become a trend that has many bride’s taking advantage of.

Instead of buying two sets of flowers—one for your wedding ceremony and one for your reception flower arrangements—repurpose the flowers from the ceremony by placing them around the tables and as a centerpiece on the head table. If you have a ceremony backdrop, re-use it around the wedding cake or on the dessert table.

You can discuss more ideas with your florist and choose flowers that look fresh for several hours.

Likewise, once the wedding ceremony is over, repurpose the bridesmaids’ bouquets by placing them in vases, which you can then spread around the reception tables.

Be Creative with Your Botanical Décor

Foliage and Greenery

If you are looking for ways to lower your florist bill, then faux greenery and foliage can be the answer to your prayers. Leaves, branches, and twigs can add amazing texture and color to your décor at a minimal cost. Ivy leaves, eucalyptus leaves, ferns, spruce, or olive branches maximize your decoration and look spectacular. If you want them to match your wedding color scheme, you can always spray-paint them for stunning color effects.

Succulents and Cacti

Don’t forget succulents and cacti: their various shapes and shades of green mix well together and bring an exotic, yet charming, touch to the décor.

Fruit and Other Props

Have you thought about incorporating the seasons in your wedding décor? Think of embellishing your wedding with apples, oranges, pomegranates, pumpkins, and other seasonal fruit. You can include them in your wedding decorations or spray-paint them in eye-catching colors like gold or silver to make them look even more stunning.

Fruit will make your flower arrangements look plentiful and lush. They also add color and texture without breaking the bank.

It’s Not Always about Flowers

Weddings and flowers go hand in hand. However, not all creative decorative ideas require the use of flowers. Think of lanterns, candles, and wooden objects to decorate your reception tables. Even books and personal items that have a special meaning for the couple can be used to embellish your wedding. 

Add Candles To Your Wedding Décor

If you want to make your setting look plentiful and interesting, candles are your friends. Use different candle shapes and heights and mix votives, pillar candles, and floating candles. The glow of the candles will add coziness and warmth to your tables while also creating great filming opportunities for your wedding videographer.

Use candles, lanterns, mirrors, and shelves at the entrance of your wedding venue as well as around your ceremony and reception areas. You can also highlight your menu presentation with this décor, as well as the seating arrangement, and even the signs for the toilet or the parking area.

Lighting Can Make a Big Difference

String lights, bistro lights, or twinkle lights can form amazing decorations for your wedding and come much cheaper than flower arrangements. Use them across your reception area to brighten the atmosphere in a gentle and warm way.

Reverent Wedding Films

Use Your Décor for Favors

Spending money on both décor and party favors can increase your budget. How about combining the two?

Your guests will love to take home a piece of the décor: it will remind them of your special day. Put small potted plants with tiny succulents as table décor and make them your party favors that guests can take away.

Alternatively, make the party favors the decorations for your table. Cookies, small jars of jam, or meaningful gifts can create a beautiful setting for the table and give a personalized and well-thought touch to your décor.


The WOW Effect

Instead of investing in many flower arrangements, opt for one or two big ones and many smaller ones. If you create too many flower arrangements your guests will not really notice any of them.

You can place a floral centerpiece on the head table and another flower arrangement at the bar or dance floor.

As for the reception tables, opt for small vases, mason jars, or even quirky tins with single-stem arrangements in them: this gives a minimalist touch to your wedding. Try to match the flower colors to your general wedding theme to create an ensemble that looks smooth and seamless.

A Bright Color Can Go a Long Way

If you are still looking to maximize the WOW effect, choose a bright color: turquoise, lime green, orange, happy yellow, or even lilac.

Instead of spending money on decorations, use your chosen color smartly: get napkins, linens, and other items in this color. If tablecloths come too expensive, use runners instead.

Add green foliage and choose décor in the chosen color. Against the backdrop of the green foliage, your décor will stand out beautifully. Also think of ribbons and small details such as bows and beads, which show attention and reinforce your theme color.

You will create an esthetic theme around your color, which, by itself, will decorate your wedding ceremony and reception.

Second-Hand and Antique Shops

You can lower your wedding decoration bill by visiting second-hand shops. You don’t need to find 15 identical vases. Instead, decide on a theme, such as romantic, city, country, retro, or industrial, and make item groupings that belong to your chosen theme.

Once you have decided on your theme, it will be easier to find products that match it, even if they are not identical. If anything, this will add interest to your décor.

If you have a local antique shop, pay them a visit to see if you can unearth something valuable, unique, and beautiful that you can use.

Also, ask friends and relatives if they have any items they are not using anymore. It will add a personal touch to the wedding and give them a chance to empty their attics and basements. Don’t be surprised if they thank you for the opportunity!

Use Nature

If your wedding is taking place in an outdoor venue, use nature.

Don’t try to overshadow the beauty and lushness of the surrounding environment. Rather, complement it discreetly. Make small interventions with berries, fruit, wooden objects, and carefully selected décor to highlight what nature is already giving you. This will save you money while making your wedding look astonishing in an effortless and natural way.

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