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The years 2020 and 2021 upended many lives. The pandemic made social gatherings precarious and awkward. Naturally, many postponed their weddings until better times. Now that these better times are finally in sight, even with the inevitable ups and downs, couples want to celebrate their love. Weddings are expected to increase exponentially in 2022 and even in 2023. The wedding season most in demand is between May and October.

However, some wedding vendors decided to permanently close during the lockdowns and upheaval. Also, couples who postponed their weddings have to compete with couples who have just now decided to get married. Both want to book the same venues and vendors—and for the same wedding months.

As a result, caterers, florists, videographers, photographers, and wedding planners will be in high demand at exactly the same time. Some vendors are already booked out, so planning early and ahead of the game will be your best bet to ensure a perfect wedding.

Prepare for the 2022 wedding boom by planning well in advance and following the tips below!

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Determine Your Budget with Your Loved One

Determine early on how much money you want to spend on your wedding and choose any priorities you just can’t live without.

Whether it’s an amazing party after the ceremony, a wedding film with drone footage, or exotic flowers for a tropical wedding theme, decide how much money you are willing to spend overall as well as on each separate wedding activity.

Next, decide how many guests you plan on inviting, even if it’s just a rough estimate. One thing that the pandemic showed us all is that it’s all about the people rather than the things. Special moments with our family and friends are much more important than grand venues or expensive dresses.

That’s why you may, for example, choose to immortalize your love and happiness with special video footage and professional photos while spending less on the dress or the shoes.

Hire a Wedding Planner If You Can Afford It

A wedding planner can save you money and time and find you the perfect venue or florist you may not have thought of. Wedding planners have specialized information and connections that will be highly valuable when you have to compete with other couples for the same venues and vendors.

A wedding planner can suggest unusual venues that fit your wedding theme. Museums, barns, cafés, restaurants, and farms, can be venues you may not have thought of, but that could be the perfect fit for your wedding.

Wedding planners can also deliver better prices and services. They often offer package deals that include several vendors and wedding features in a single booking.

Find the Venue You Like

Once you know how much money you want to spend and how many people you plan on inviting, it is time to find your venue and book it. Some venues have a minimum and a maximum number of guests so you need to have a ballpark figure for how many you plan to invite.

If you have a wedding planner, they will suggest several options. If not, you will have to look for wedding venues yourself. If you feel that all the wedding venues are already booked throughout 2022, try to think outside the box.

Smaller venues that are lesser-known might still have availability and could provide you with more personal service and attention to detail. Think of smaller towns, country venues, but also restaurants and other venues that can cater to your needs.

Once you find what you are looking for, book it. Availability can be low and the venue is the most important piece in your wedding preparation puzzle.

Consider Alternative Dates

Most couples want to get married on a Saturday. Unsurprisingly, that’s when most venues are fully booked. If you are really set on a venue but can’t find the date you want, try being flexible about the date.

How about Sunday lunch or Friday evening? How about getting married in April rather than May, or late October rather than September?

If you can tweak your dates a little bit, you will probably match your ideal wedding with the venue of your choice.

Book Your Vendors

When you find a vendor you like, book them on the spot!

Many couples are vying for the same florists, caterers, photographers, and videographers you are vetting. When the style and price of your vendor match your expectations, book them.

For your cinematic wedding film, don’t forget to book Reverent Wedding to immortalize your wedding. We give you a romantic, movie-like wedding film that’s brimming with love, emotions, and the smiles of your loved ones.

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Send Your Save-the-Dates Early on

Most likely, your guests will already have a couple of wedding invitations for 2022. To help them be with you, send them a save-the-date as soon as possible. Your guests may have to arrange for babysitting or even travel to your wedding. They may need time to organize their holidays, make travel arrangements, and even sort their finances to accommodate all the weddings they are invited to.

Give them enough of a heads-up to ensure they will be there celebrating with you.

Be Flexible

As with many things in life, flexibility can help you during the 2022 wedding boom.

Due to supply chain bottlenecks and global delays, vendors are finding it hard to procure some items or they are pricing them higher.

If you want to stay within budget and still have a spectacular wedding, think of viable alternatives. Many wedding flowers are flown from abroad: how about switching to local, seasonal flowers that will both come cheaper and be delivered on time for your wedding?

The same is true of your buffet: try local producers, who will give you better prices and can even offer you add-ons to thank you for choosing them. Rather than shipping lobsters or lamb from far away, choose your community or locality and find a local farm or producer who will be happy to deliver your buffet ingredients.

Buying locally ensures you won’t have to worry about delays, price increases, or missing items. It saves you a lot of worries—and also helps your local vendors and community.

Planning Your Wedding Should Be Fun

Planning your wedding is not a penance. It should be one of the most delightful parts of your wedding and you should give yourself ample time and space to enjoy it.

By giving yourself plenty of time, you will be able to navigate the upcoming wedding craze with patience, love, and laughter. Is there a better way to start your common life?

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