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Creating a guest list that works for your venue and budget can be one of the more stressful aspects of planning your perfect wedding. So how do you decide which of your guests should receive a plus one? We’ve compiled a few helpful tips to help you and all of your guests have a wonderful wedding experience!

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Who Should Get A Plus One?

Married Guests

It may seem obvious to invite the married couple when you are friends with both of them! However, there are times where you may not know or be friends with the spouse and you are unsure if both should be invited to your wedding. It’s always best to invite the spouse as well, even if you’ve never met them! If you look at the situation from their perspective, you’ll see that you would have the best time at a wedding if your spouse was by your side.

Engaged Or Established Couples

Any couples who are engaged, live together or who have been dating for over a year should receive a plus-one with their invitation. While you will have to rely on your judgement for some of the couples, it’s best to err on the side of caution and offer a plus one! Your wedding will be especially joyful to your engaged friends, as they will be gleaning tips and looking forward to their own special day!

Your Wedding Party

Extending a plus one to the friends in your wedding party is a much appreciated gesture! They may not all bring a date, but simply offering is courteous. After all, they have been there for you through all of the planning, parties, and preparation leading up to the wedding day and may enjoy having a date to attend with them so they have a dancing partner during your reception!

Out Of Town Guests

If you are inviting an out of town single guest who may not know anyone outside of you, your fiancé, or your family, it would be very generous to include a plus one in their invitation. That way, they will be able to enjoy the celebration and you won’t feel like you are having to entertain this guest more than your other attendees.

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Who Doesn’t Need A Plus One?

Casually Dating Guests

If one of your guests has been dating their partner for less than a year, it isn’t necessarily mandatory to invite their girlfriend/boyfriend. However, if you have the venue space and budget, it is a nice touch to give a plus one!

Single Guests

For family and friends who are not in a relationship and know other friends and family members at your wedding, there is no need to include an additional invitation! This is also a case by case situation and if you feel like not including a plus one would cause hurt or drama, then of course it would be polite to do so. Use your judgement for each guest to make sure everyone feels included and loved at your wedding!

We hope these tips will help you as you create your guest list! Happy Planning!