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The bridal shower is such an exciting day for the bride to be! The original intent of bridal showers was to shower the couple with gifts and funds for the new marriage, but it is also a bonding time for the guests to celebrate the bride and bond over their mutual friend. For some guests, it may be awkward to be thrown into a party where they only know the bride. Here are some fun game ideas to help break the ice and turn total strangers into bridal shower best friends!

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Purse Raid

This is a game that is good for a ladies only bridal shower because it’s time to find out what’s in everyone’s purse! Everyone gathers around with their purse, then one person calls out some items commonly (or not so commonly!) found in a purse. Whoever has the most items wins! You could also award a prize to the person with the strangest item in their purse!

Has A Nice “Ring” To It

For this game, give everyone at your bridal shower a plastic ring (you can get them in bulk on Amazon or at the dollar store) and every time someone catches someone else saying the word “bride” or “married” or “wedding”, they take their ring from them. The person with the most rings by the end of the shower wins a prize!

Bridal Bingo

This game is pretty self-explanatory. Replace traditional bingo numbers with events from the couple’s love story or details about their relationship! You can find bingo templates online (Pinterest for the win), DIY your own bingo cards, or order some like these from Etsy.

Marriage Mad Libs

This is one of my favorite bridal shower games! Each guest is handed a Mad Libs card, which you can find an example for below. It’s up to the guests to fill their card out with words to complete the narrative. Then the cards are collected and the bride reads them aloud. No two Mad Libs are alike and it makes for hilarious fun!

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A Guessing Game

This game is so fun and sentimental at the same time! Ask each guest to write down a memory they have with the bride (or the couple) on a piece of paper, but not to put their name on it. Those papers are shuffled, and the bride reads them out loud while other guests try to guess who wrote the memory! This is a great way for everyone to learn how each guest knows the bride.

The Baby Picture Game

Have each of your guests bring or send you a picture of them when they were a baby (under two years old) and print them out and display them. Then, see if your guests can figure out which picture is which guest. The person who guesses the most correctly wins a prize!

Date Night Jar

More of an activity than a game, this idea is so much fun because it can be practical and hilarious! Once the newlyweds are home from their honeymoon, they’ll enjoy the many creative ideas that their friends have compiled for date nights. Decorate a mason jar however you wish and have your guests fill it with little scraps of paper detailing their fun ideas for a date night! The ideas can be for a quiet night in, or a wild and crazy night out. Of course, funny ideas are welcome and encouraged!

All games and activities during the bridal shower should make the guests feel welcome and included. And most importantly, be a fun way to celebrate the bride to be! Hopefully, these ideas help create a memorable party!