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No wedding day is complete without being surrounded by the people and things you love the most. That’s why celebrities from Jennifer Aniston to Carrie Underwood have included their precious pets in their wedding ceremonies! We’ve seen this trend grow lately and love it when we capture our brides incorporating their fur babies into their special day!

Here are our top ways you can include your furry friend into your wedding!

Save the date

Use your fluffy friend to announce your wedding date! Or if you’re really dedicated, have your pet as a recurring theme in your wedding! We love all of the cute little “my parents are getting married” poses that are all over Pinterest! Your guests will love the humor and the cute factor of your save the date!

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Flower dog

Give your pet a special place in your wedding by making them the flower dog or dog of honor! This is a cute way to keep your ceremony light-hearted and happy with laughter and is sure to calm some nervousness on your wedding day!

Custom dog cake topper

Do you and your partner both have pets that you are bringing to the relationship? Include them in the wedding fun by letting them represent you on your wedding cake! Etsy has some unique custom wedding toppers that are wonderful for this!

Pet themed favors “doggie bag”

Want unique favors that your guests will love? Opt for pet themed “doggie bags” that have (human) food in them! Not only is this a cute way to incorporate your pet into your wedding, this option can be perfect for the couple who wants their animal included in the wedding theme but can’t actually bring them to the wedding!

Cutouts as photo booth props

This works well if your pet is at the wedding or is popular among your friends and family! You can custom order a cardboard cutout of your pet online for relatively cheap and your guests will have a blast posing with it at the photo booth!


If you are going to have your pet attend your wedding make sure you have someone to take care of them for the entirety of the ceremony and afterwards! Alert attendees that a pet will be there in case anyone is allergic so they can take precautions beforehand! And let us know so we can film some adorable shots of the two of you like we did in Brittany and Miguel’s wedding film!

Now get out there and start planning with your pet!