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So you want to propose. Congratulations! Between deciding where and when to propose— and finding someone to capture that proposal— there are a lot of steps you need to go through before asking that important question.

Arguably the most important step is finding the perfect engagement ring to accompany you when you pop the question! That is why we have compiled a guide to finding the perfect engagement ring!

Check out all of the different steps we suggest you take when finding that perfect ring.

Know your budget

Knowing your budget helps determine what stores you can look at, what styles you can choose from and how long you have to save up.The traditional rule is to spend no more than 3 months worth of your paycheck, but more and more couples are opting for more cost efficient options and spending more money on homes. However much you decide to spend is entirely your decision, but knowing your budget is a crucial first step in finding the perfect engagement ring!

Know your bride

The last thing you want to do is get your bride a ring that does not match her personality or style. Questions to ask when finding out her ring style include her personality type, her jewelry style and whether or not she values a traditional or non-traditional engagement ring style. Most couples now go engagement ring shopping together, but if you want the proposal to be a surprise make sure you find out what style your partner likes! Ask her friends to do some investigating or check out her Pinterest board if she has one if you need help picking out a ring!

Know the different wedding ring styles

The solitaire ring is made of one diamond and usually follows a more minimalistic but elegant look. This look is timeless and perfect for the classic bride.

The Halo ring gets its name from being surrounded by a halo of diamonds. Less minimalistic than the Solitaire, the Halo ring still offers a classy, elegant feel for a classic bride.

The Three-Gemstone ring has three stones that are said to symbolize your past, present and future with your partner. Perfect for an artsy bride who values sentimentality, the Three-Gemstone is elegant and perfect for symbolic personalities.

The Pave engagement ring brings all of the sparkle, perfect for the bride who wants to show off their new bling. Pave rings usually have diamonds that are set together instead of a band, giving it a glamorous, stunning look.

The Cathedral ring is shaped in a way that protects the diamond and showcases it at the same time. Perfect for virtually any bride, this ring is elegant and versatile!

Vintage rings are coming back in full swing in 2018. The ornate detailing of the ring brings an elegant feel with unique quality and ensures that the bride has a custom feeling ring that represents her relationship with the love of her life!

Swirl rings have come back in style lately. The intricacy of the band mixed with the dreamy look overall offers a perfect ring for the creative bride!

Look into different wedding ring shapes

The most popular diamond shape, the round diamond is classy and youthful, perfect for almost any bride! A round diamond is perfect for a solitaire ring and usually fits almost any budget!

The princess diamond shape is usually a square shape, less long than the Emerald diamond, but more defined than the cushion diamond. The princess diamond is a youthful option for virtually any bride!

The oval diamond is a romantic shape that has a less youthful look than the round diamond but still remains elegant. Oval diamonds, like round diamonds, work well in solitaire rings and are perfect for any bride!

Marquise diamonds have a unique shape and have the ability to work in various ring styles. The elongated shape of the diamond gives it a unique feeling perfect for any bride who wants to stand out!

Pear diamond rings loosely resemble — you guessed it — pears! These rings are more visually similar to raindrops and have a playful, quirky feel to them! Brides can wear pear rings with the point of the diamond facing them or facing outward, but most brides tend to wear it facing outward!

Cushion diamond rings have been growing in popularity lately. Typically found on styles that are surrounded by diamonds, cushion rings are perfect for almost any bride and can be dressed up or dressed down with the amount of accompanying diamonds on the ring!

Emerald rings are rectangular rings that offer a more vintage look and feel. These rings can be paired with smaller diamonds or worn solo for a more dramatic look.

Heart shaped diamond rings are essentially just pear rings that have been modified to look like a heart. While heart shaped rings have been seen as cheesy in the past, more intricate detailing on a heart shaped ring can bring it back to a classy option!

Look into wedding ring clarity

Diamond clarity includes how many inclusions or imperfections are in the diamond. Usually most imperfections are not visible to the naked eye, but diamond clarity ranges from FL to I3, where sometimes I3 diamonds can have imperfections that are visible to the naked eye. The clarity sections that have consecutive numbers show the range of difficulty in seeing inclusions where S1 has a higher difficulty of seeing inclusions than S2.

FL (Flawless)
This type of clarity is extremely rare— less than 1 in 5000 quality diamonds are rated FL.

IF (Internally flawless)
FL and IF diamonds look the same to the naked eye but can be differentiated under magnification.

VVS1/VVS2 (Very very slightly included)
VVS1 Inclusions are difficult to see without high magnification, these diamonds are lesser quality than IF and FL but you really will not be able to tell and neither will your bride.

VS1/VS2 (Very slightly included)
Inclusions and imperfections in VS1 and VS2 diamonds are minor but can be detected clearly under magnification.

SI1/SI2 (Slightly Included)
Inclusions are more noticeable than VS1 and VS2 — flaws can be visible to the naked eye.

I1/I2/I3 (Included)
These diamonds can have flaws that are almost always visible to the naked eye. These are the lowest quality diamonds on the chart, and the brilliance of the diamond will be sacrificed with the clarity.

Look at diamond ring alternatives

If diamonds are not your style (or are not in your budget) try diamond alternatives like moissanite or opal! Not only are these options cheaper, but they offer a unique alternative for your bride. Moissanite rings are cheaper than diamond rings and also have a greater light return than diamond rings. They have a higher sparkle and deliver a more brilliant look than most diamonds!

Make sure you book a proposal photographer/ videographer

Documenting your proposal is so important! With your proposal on camera you and your bride will be able to relive the moment forever. You’ll be able to show your future kids how excited she was when you proposed and how happy the two of you were after! Reverent Wedding Films offers proposal videography and photography for your special moment!
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