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Choosing The Perfect Wedding Band For Your Groom

The wedding rings symbolize your eternal love, so shopping for a wedding band for your fiancé is an exciting experience! Starting the search can be overwhelming because there are so many different styles and types of rings! So we’ve compiled a few things to think about before you make the all-important decision.

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Is your husband-to-be classy, reserved, outgoing, sporty, or a combination of all? You’re going to want to make sure that his wedding band accurately reflects his personality and is something that he is going to be comfortable wearing! Consider his employment, style of dressing, and his everyday activities when beginning your search. If he wears a suit to work and enjoys a scotch in the evening, he’ll want a different type of ring than someone who works outdoors or spends a lot of their free time in the gym!

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After you know what style you are looking for, finding the right metal or medium is the essential next step! Here are the top choices and the types of grooms they typically go with:

White Gold

One of the more traditional metals, white gold is an excellent option for most men. Depending on your fiancé and how he styles himself daily, white gold bands can either work with a classic or modern personality and style!


This is perfect if your groom has any metal allergies. Platinum metal bands are hypoallergenic! These bands look similar to white gold bands but are more expensive because of the allergy factor and the rarity of the metal.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is a traditional, classic option for the traditional groom. Perfect for the man who has gold jewelry he already wears daily (such as a class ring), yellow gold wedding bands are an ideal choice.


Whether you find the perfect wooden ring on Etsy or select a band that is inlaid with wood, this is the perfect option for the outdoorsman! Even if he works in an office, he will feel connected to nature with this unique piece of jewelry.


Silicone wedding bands have been growing in popularity lately! These are perfect for the guy who spends a lot of time in the gym or isn’t a fan or flashy jewelry. You can either choose this as his sole ring or purchase it in addition to a flashier option for special occasions (like your wedding ceremony)!


After you have the style and metal down, choosing the finish is the final step in making sure your future husband has the wedding band of his dreams!


Textured wedding bands are rising in popularity and are a great way to make your husband-to-be’s wedding band stand out. We especially love the hammered look that has been trending lately!

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Matte finishes are elegant and modern, giving the band a more refined, yet less polished look. This is perfect for the modern groom who values aesthetic and doesn’t mind going an untraditional route.


Polished finishes are traditional and can look great on almost any metal and band type! Perfect for the classic groom, polished finishes are a good go-to if you are unsure about the finish your future husband might want!

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We hope this quick guide helped you narrow down what style band you want to get your future husband! Regardless of what style you end up choosing, selecting a wedding band is a big step towards marrying the man of your dreams! Happy shopping!