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It’s never too late to hire a wedding planner—and it’s never too soon, either. As with everything regarding wedding planning, the sooner you get your preparations organized, the smoother your wedding will go.

A wedding planner is there to find the right venue for your wedding and the matching vendors who will bring your dream wedding to life .

Your chosen wedding planner will know dozens of venues and will suggest the ones that fit your wedding style. An experienced planner will have worked with hundreds of vendors, from catering companies to DJs, photographers, and videographers. They will be able to provide you with plenty of choices to select the one that matches your budget and the style you require.

Never be embarrassed to hire a wedding planner even weeks away from the wedding day. You might be asked to pay a premium fee for such short notice, but the planner will be there to fix problems, facilitate relations, and deal with any last-minute hiccups that almost always occur.

Hire Your Wedding Planner the Moment Your Couple Decides to Get Married

The most helpful advice is to hire your wedding planner once you have decided on a wedding date. Ask friends and relatives for any wedding planners they may have worked with or check online about local planners, read reviews, and get in touch with them to see how well you can work with them.

Personal chemistry is crucial: hire a wedding planner who understands the style and wedding vibe you are going for. Once you are on the same page, things will go smoothly and you will have peace of mind.

Why Do I Need a Wedding Planner?

If you want to save time, money, and your sanity, you should hire a wedding planner!

A Wedding Planner for Optimal Organization

A planner will organize all vendors and create a timeline of when to contact and confirm vendors and check how well they work with each other.

For instance, it is always good to have your photographer get in touch with the videographer from Reverent Wedding Films so they both have a better sense of how they each work and how they can function together through the wedding.

Your Wedding Planner Knows Venues and Vendors

The wedding planner will also have information that most couples lack. For example, many venues have rules, regulations, and restrictions that you may be unaware of. What if your venue doesn’t allow lit candles but your whole wedding concept is based on dozens of candles spread around the ceremony and reception?

Before you book a venue, your planner will know whether the location works for you and your vision for your wedding.

Save Money with a Wedding Planner

Most couples think that hiring a wedding planner will increase the budget. Yes, you will need to pay for your wedding planner’s services—but you will recoup the money from all the rest of your vendors and from better planning and organizing!

Wedding planners can deliver better prices, particularly if they get packages and discounts from early booking and if they bundle services together. Venues that bundle services such as DJs, food, and drinks will probably save you money compared to booking each service individually. Additionally, some vendors will offer a discount for specific venues, thus saving you money.

Most wedding budgets get bloated from last-minute complications and oversights. Your wedding planner will ensure that everything flows smoothly right from the start so that you don’t have to change vendors or book a different florist at the last minute.

When Should I Hire a Wedding Planner?

Hire a Wedding Planner Immediately

Wedding planners are usually very flexible, but you certainly help them if you book them early on. They will include your wedding in their planned weddings for the season and start organizing, cross-checking, and ironing out any unexpected problems that may pop up.

It’s Never Too Late to Hire a Wedding Planner

You can hire a wedding planner mid-way through your preparations if you find the whole process tiresome and complicated. It has been estimated that it takes between 250 and 400 hours to plan a wedding. If you realize you don’t have that kind of time to spend on wedding planning, a specialist can take care of things and give you peace of mind. You may have already booked the venue and some vendors, in which case your wedding planner will follow through and make the most out of your choices.

Even at the Last Minute, a Wedding Planner Can Save the Day

As your wedding approaches, you may realize that you’re sorting out problems and spending hours sending emails and talking on the phone instead of enjoying your time with your friends. Let a wedding planner handle any bad situation and use the time to enjoy yourself and your loved ones.

You can ask for the help of a wedding planner a few weeks before the wedding but beware that you may be asked to pay a premium fee and most planners will already be booked solid. Last-minute glitches can put a spanner in your plans.

Reverent Wedding Films for Your Wedding Cinematic Film

Our cinematographers and filmographers will happily work with wedding planners. If anything, a wedding planner helps ensure that the wedding day will go without a glitch, with perfect coordination and optimal vendor organization. This gives us the opportunity to film the ceremony and the venue in the best fashion.

Whether you have hired a wedding planner or are organizing your wedding yourself, check our availability online or call now 832-536-1897 to book your wedding video with Reverent Wedding Films. We service Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana, as well as destination weddings all over the world, and will ensure that your perfect wedding is perfectly captured on video!