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Sending wedding photo thank you cards is a great way to remember and relive your wedding day!

Your thank-you cards are meant to recognize the effort your guests made to be with you and celebrate with you. They are also a thoughtful way to thank your guests for their gifts and tell them how much they were appreciated.

Couples often choose to include photos with their thank-you cards or they will use photos as thank-you cards similar to a save-the-date format. Photos just add an extra touch of gratitude and remind guests of the beautiful moments they shared with you!

If you want to include a photo with your thank-you card, you can go the extra mile and choose individualized photos for your guests. For example, if you have taken photos at the wedding together, you can use them as part of your thank-you cards. Even people who don’t normally keep cards will hold on to a photo of themselves with you at your wedding and cherish them as precious keepsakes.

When Do I Send My Thank-You Cards?

The short answer to that question is, as soon as realistically possible. At the same time, post-wedding life can be particularly hectic, so it’s understandable if you need some time to organize your thank-you cards.

While you can always send your thank-you cards earlier, etiquette stipulates that you can send them up to three months after the wedding. Of course, this is not the kind of deadline that’s written in stone. In the grand scheme of things, it is better to send your wedding photo thank you cards late than not at all. Even if it takes you four months to post them, your friends will still appreciate the effort you took and the attention you put into writing each one.

Who Should Get a Thank-You Card?

Your guest list is a great starting point to determine who should receive a thank-you card.

Most people only send wedding photo thank you cards to the guests who actually attended or the ones who gave them a wedding gift. Keep in mind, though, that some people may have missed the actual wedding, but sent a gift anyway. They, too, should get a thank-you card.

Groomsmen, bridesmaids, and the parents of the groom and bride should get a particularly heartfelt thank-you card.

If possible, include all contributors to the wedding preparation, even if they were not guests. A simple thank-you card will serve as heart-warming recognition of their help, love, and assistance. For example, vendors should be thanked, especially if they went the extra mile and helped you have the most spectacular wedding. Vendors depend on your good word, so they will also love a great online review and a kind reference to your friends and relatives.

Finally, the wedding officiants should be included in your thank-you list.

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What Do I Say in My Thank-You Cards?

Obviously, each couple comes up with their own twist on their thank-you cards. Having said that, most cards include the following notes:

  • A thank-you to the guest who came to the wedding. If someone couldn’t make it but still sent a gift, mention how sorry you were that they couldn’t attend the ceremony.
  • A thank-you note for the gift. If you kept a list of guests with their matching gifts and know who sent what, you can personalize this. Guests love it when you remember their presents, especially if they put a lot of thought into choosing something you will love.
  • It’s great if you can include in your thank-you card a note on how you plan to use the gift and how it will make your life more beautiful, easier, or more enjoyable.
  • You can finish your thank-you card with a sweet note about what that person means to you and how their presence at your wedding made you happy.

If you feel you want to write longer thank-you cards, you are free to do so, but there is no need for long thank-you cards. One sentence for each part will be fine.

Should I Include a Photo with My Thank-You Card?

It is becoming increasingly common for couples to include a photo with their thank-you cards. The photo is a great reminder of a wonderful day spent among their loved ones.

The photo can be one of your wedding photos, such as a snapshot of you as a couple during the ceremony, a happy and tender moment from the reception, or even a shot from your first dance. Choose a photo that is significant and elegant.

If you took a photo with each guest during the wedding, you could choose a personalized, individualized photo for your cards. If you send that to your guests, they will have an extra incentive to keep it since they will be in it. Alternatively, you can use a group photo that includes the card recipients.

Likewise, a family line-up with close relatives, children, and pets can be sent to your family members. It is sweet and thoughtful, and people will love to keep it to remember that day.

A personalized photo shows the extra effort you made and shows your guests how much you appreciated their presence and their gifts.

Tip To Eliminate The Stress Of So Many Thank You Cards

Post-wedding life is pretty hectic and having approx 100+ thank you cards can be overwhelming. When couples are overwhelmed while also navigating this new life together thank you cards will be pushed to the side. 

A tip to help eliminate the stress of having to write so many thank you cards all at once, is to start by writing a thank you card every time you receive a gift. Mailing wedding gifts is becoming way more common than bringing gifts on the wedding day. Every time you receive a gift, give yourself a week to get the thank you card sent out. By sending wedding photo thank you cards right away, it not only helps you, but it also shows them you have received the gift! Some wedding websites such as Zola do not show when the wedding gift has been delivered to the couple. So help the gifter by giving them peace of mind the gift has been received and that you care!

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