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Organizing a wedding can be an overwhelming experience—not to mention expensive. As a result, some people may be tempted to skip having their wedding filmed, preferring to hire only a photographer instead of a videographer.

While coordinating a wedding ceremony and reception can be quite daunting—and stretch your budget—you may regret foregoing your wedding film for the rest of your life. This is a unique moment in time, and it’s impossible to recreate it and the feelings involved.

How Necessary Is It to Have Your Wedding Filmed?

A wedding film is a testimony of your love. It captures the blissful daze that accompanies your wedding day. Photos can only capture so much. If you want to remember the highlights of your ceremony, however, and listen again and again to the voices of your loved ones wishing you happiness, then you need to have your wedding filmed: it’s the best way to immortalize your love story and the joy of your guests.

Here are a few reasons getting a wedding videographer is worth it.

Capturing Moments You Might Have Missed

You have organized your wedding down to the tiniest detail: flowers, music, vows, bridesmaids, and the food buffet are all coordinated to perfection. Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for all these months has arrived. You now want to see the fruits of your hard work. Unfortunately, you can’t be everywhere: after all, you are getting married!

That’s what makes hiring a wedding videographer worth it. A wedding film allows you to witness all the small yet meaningful moments of your wedding you couldn’t experience at the time. For example, what did the wedding tent look like before the wedding? How did the guests arrive? How tearful was your mother? What did the groom’s friends say?

As a bride and groom, you will be immersed in the whirlwind that is a wedding. However, so much will be going on around you. Your guests will be coming, and you want to know what they said; you also want to remember their words, smiles, and tears. So you shouldn’t worry about missing any special moments from your perfect day.

You want to take a virtual tour, flying high above your wedding venue and zooming around the church to see how the flowers you choose match the décor and how pure and impeccable everything looks. How can you immortalize all these moments without a wedding film?

Your wedding film will show you what happened before, during, and after your ceremony. Your professional wedding videographer will capture the moments that matter, making you smile when you look at them a few weeks—or years—after your wedding.

Experience Voices, Vows, and Movement

Photos are snapshots of a moment. They are beautiful, artistic takes of meaningful moments in time. However, they are static. They can’t capture voices, music, sounds, or movement. A wedding film will immortalize everything that a photo can’t.

Hear your loved one exchange vows with you and your guests wishing you happiness. Listen to the music and join in on your first dance. You will witness movement, comings and goings, people dancing, smiling, talking, holding hands, and having the time of their lives on your amazing day. This alone can make hiring a wedding videographer worth it in the long run.

Share with Friends and Relatives

No matter how hard you try to organize your wedding so that everybody can come, it is inevitable that some loved ones won’t be able to attend. Perhaps they live abroad, or they are physically unable to join you.

Whatever the reason, include them by virtually sharing the experience of your special day. The best way to do this is to send them your wedding film so they, too, can be a part of your wedding. They will certainly appreciate you honoring them in this way and how you went the extra mile to make them feel included and valued.

Share with Your Kids

If you plan on having kids, sharing their parents’ love story and wedding will charm them.

Imagine watching with your kids how mom and dad walked down the aisle and what they were wearing. Yes, your children will probably laugh at how old-fashioned your clothes and hairstyle may look—that’s as inevitable as growing older. However, behind the jibes, there will be real affection and an appreciation of your love.

Your children can watch how your story as a married couple started with the wedding and continued with having children, thus offering them a sense of continuity and history being made.

Seeing Your Wedding from a Different Perspective

As a bride and groom, you have your own perspective of your wedding. You are the centerpiece around which the whole wedding revolves. What if you could have a different perspective of your wedding, such as a bird’s eye view or a behind-the-scenes one?

A wedding film will help you see your wedding from various perspectives. For example, how did you look as you entered the church? What did your hair look like? What did the reception feel like from the guests’ perspective?

A professional wedding film will create for you a more encompassing and diverse picture of what your wedding felt like. It adds depth and meaning to your wedding.

Reverent Wedding Films Creates Lasting Memories

So, is a wedding videographer worth it? We fully understand how a wedding can stretch a budget. However, our affordable wedding films will add value to your married life by creating lasting memories to remember and relive for years and to share with your friends and children.

Our expert filmographers, videographers, and editors can create the most loving and representative wedding film of your wedding.

Nothing captures so vividly the sounds, movement, and joy of your wedding day as a wedding film. We know because Reverent Wedding Films has filmed more than 1000 weddings. We have seen time and again how a bride’s eyes light up when she sees how we capture the special moments of their day. Most can agree that getting a videographer for a wedding is absolutely worth it.

To give yourself a cinematic wedding film you’ll love forever, check our availability online or call 832-536-1897. We offer wedding videography services in Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, New Braunfels, and San Antonio, Texas, as well as destination weddings all over the world.