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A trend we are loving lately has been including fur coats in weddings! Fur coats bring a chic yet vintage touch to a wedding and are perfect for chilly, winter celebrations. As we know, Texas weather can be unpredictable so even if you think your wedding will be nice and warm, it is nice to have a fur coat as a backup just in case!

Check out Kelly’s fur sash in her wedding film teaser!

If the idea of wearing fur makes you uncomfortable, you can opt for faux fur— something that a lot of people are embracing and loving, including us! Faux fur wraps can range anywhere from $20 to $200 and come in all colors and shades! Perfect for virtually any bride, faux fur can dress up a wedding dress or can be removed for a more casual look later on in the night!

Check out Lauren’s fur coat in her wedding film! Her bridesmaids even wore fur as well!

Fur coats have popped up recently, but all signs point that they are here to stay in cold weather! For added fun brides can customize their coats with personal touches either by having matching coats with their bridesmaids or by embellishing their own coat! 

Check out Kelsey’s elegant fur sash she wore in her wedding film!

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