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Your wedding should involve every loved one in your life and not just your human loved ones! Including your pets into your wedding can be a beautiful and memorable addition to your special day, and it will be endearing to everyone at the wedding if you incorporate your pet the right way! Here are five cute ways to make your furry buddy a part of your wedding.

Pets in Weddings | Reverent Wedding Films

Have a Furry Ring Bearer

If your pet is well trained, one of the most adorable ways to have them be a part of your special day is to have them bring the rings to you and your spouse. The image of your dog trotting down the aisle excitedly to give you and your spouse your wedding rings is sure to elicit awws and squeals throughout the crowd at your ceremony.

Pets in Weddings | Reverent Wedding Films

Have a Pet be One of Your Bridesmaids

Your pet has been one of your closest friends for years, so why shouldn’t they be a groomsman or bridesmaid? If they are trained well enough to sit next to you during your wedding, or if you have one of your bridesmaids hold them on a leash, it can make for a heartwarming wedding photo your family will smile at for years.

Pets in Weddings | Reverent Wedding Films

Dress Them Up For Wedding Photos!

Maybe some of your guests are allergic to your pet, so you can’t bring them to the ceremony. This does not mean they cannot be in your wedding at all! .Even if your dog is not taking part in the ceremony, you can still include them in your wedding pictures of videos! Having your furry family member in a suit and tie or flower crown will make for great memories and an adorable photo you can hang in your house!

Pets in Weddings | Reverent Wedding Films

Have Them Walk You Down the Aisle

Walking down the aisle accompanied by a parent or a family member is a beautiful tradition that has lived on throughout centuries of weddings. You can add to this tradition by bringing a second family member down the aisle with you as well: your pet! Having your pet walk you down the aisle is bound to pull at the heartstrings of both you and your guests.


No matter how you choose to include your pet, remember, it’s your wedding, and you and your fiancé get to decide. Whatever decision you make however, you should have it captured by award winning videographers that will remind you of the magic of your wedding day for the rest of your lives. If that sounds like what you want, schedule a call with us today!