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September is one of the perfect months to throw a wedding you can ask for. The weather is not quite chilly yet, but the summer heat is leaving, the leaves are starting to show the first signs of color change, it’s great!

If you are throwing a wedding in September, then you have numerous different options for almost every aspect of your wedding, from colors to flowers. Here are three tips that you may want to introduce to your September wedding!

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Look for an indoor/outdoor venue.

Though the weather may feel nicer, the weather is still something you will need to consider in planning your September wedding. Especially in Texas, September has the possibility of staying hot throughout most of the month, and when combined with sporadic rain showers, it can lead to a very humid wedding.

The best way to combat this would be to look into finding a wedding venue that offers you an indoor and outdoor setting. This way, you can have the possibility of hosting your reception, your dance floor, or anything else outdoors, but you can also have the security of avoiding any unfortunate weather that may head your way.

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Have the right accessories.

Because September is a bridge between summer and fall, you will get the best of both worlds when it comes to the weather on your special day. The shift of weather that comes daily in September could mean some people come overdressed for the chilliness of the night while others come in light clothing prepared for the midday heat.

During the day of the wedding, it would be smart to advise your guests, especially those in dresses, to bring a shawl or jacket to the wedding so they can dress for the warmth but be prepared for the drop in temperatures after sunset.

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Beginning or End of the Month?

September offers a unique option for your wedding. If you plan your wedding for the beginning of the month, you will still have a relatively summer wedding, whereas if your wedding occurs toward the end of September, you will encounter more of a fall environment.

Keep this in mind when picking your flowers and colors for the wedding, as fall weddings differ significantly from summer and spring weddings.

Though it is a bit more complicated to plan, September weddings are a truly special and unique time of year that could only assist in making your magical day that much more memorable. If you want to see how we would work with outdoor weddings shot in September, take a look at Kirby and Luke’s wedding video!