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Do you ever dream of getting married on a beach in Mexico? Did you meet in Maui and want to get married there? Do you envision a French villa in Provence as the perfect setting for your wedding ceremony?

Destination weddings are a lot of fun and add a touch of personalization to your wedding. No two couples choose the exact same destination wedding and the best part is you get to create amazing memories from your special day.

When you decide on a destination wedding, you need to plan ahead and keep in mind that the distance can make the planning difficult; however, you can still stay on top of wedding preparations even from thousands of miles away. If you can arrange a pre-wedding trip to your wedding destination to make sure everything is as planned for the day, you will feel way more relaxed leading up to the big day. 

You went to great lengths to organize your special day exactly as you planned it, in the most meaningful way and the last thing you want to do is not get to relive it. Reverent Wedding Films will film your destination wedding and create a cinematic film that will capture your personality and the essence of your love.

Choose Your Destination

Whether it’s Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, or Hawaii, you need to choose your wedding destination carefully.

The destination is usually a significant location for the couple: where you met or first holidayed together. Returning to this destination is often a reaffirmation of your love. Of course, there is nothing wrong with opting for a destination that sparks the couple’s excitement and letting the wedding itself be what gives your destination its special meaning.

Before booking your destination, consider the practicalities of your wedding ceremony. A far-away, isolated island is definitely picturesque but could be tricky if there is no accommodation for your guests. A beach resort is great, but you must make sure to find the right vendors and amenities for your wedding. 

Keep It Simple

Don’t make the wedding too complicated, stressful, or expensive for your guests and yourself. You may have fallen in love in a remote village up the hills of Tuscany, but perhaps your wedding could take place in the town just a few minutes away. It will save you and your guests time and effort. If your guests must take a plane, boat, and taxi to reach your wedding destination, they may be too exhausted and frustrated from all the traveling to enjoy the destination and share your joy the way you deserve.

Consider Local Holidays and Special Days

When you decide on the date of your wedding, make sure it doesn’t fall during special periods. August in Europe, for example, is the holiday season. March to June is spring break and summer in Mexico. Getting married in Aspen in January could prove prohibitively expensive.

Additionally, each country has its own special dates of celebration. From national holidays to local festivals, make sure you have checked with the locals as to the best date to have your wedding. During local holidays, everything will probably be costlier, including flights, food, and accommodation. If your wedding is during the high season, your guests may find it too expensive to come and you will miss their presence. It may also be more difficult for you to get the vendors you want at a competitive price.

The Weather at Your Destination

Be sure to think of the weather before you pick a wedding date! September in Mexico—and for all the Caribbean—is hurricane season. Hurricanes and monsoons, snow seasons, summer heat, and spring showers can complicate your wedding planning.

Guide Your Guests

Wedding Website

Make it easy for your guests to organize their trip to your destination wedding with a wedding website where you will upload all information regarding flights, accommodation, advice, trips, and sightseeing opportunities.

Let them know the local weather so they come prepared in terms of clothing and shoes. You don’t want your guests to melt in woolen suits in the middle of the Caribbean and you certainly don’t want them to shiver in the Alaskan snow.

If you prefer to use social media instead of a website, you can organize a Facebook page for all guests to chat and share information, flight deals, etc.

Plan Ahead. Way Ahead.

Organizing a destination wedding requires extra planning. You should start early on, perhaps as early as a full year in advance. Let your guests know with a save-the-date and information regarding the wedding. They will need plenty of time to plan their days off, get their tickets, and find accommodation.

Visit Your Destination before the Wedding

You will need to take at least one trip to your wedding destination prior to the wedding to meet up with vendors, confirm the venue, taste the menu, and make sure your wedding is happening as you expect it. You can also check with your local hairstylist and makeup persons, choose the flowers and bouquets, and organize all the small yet significant details for your wedding.

Hire a Local Planner

If you lack the time to make such a trip, you could hire a local wedding planner who will take care of all the details and will be your point of contact. Your wedding planner will help you with insider information regarding vendors, menus, local tastes, music bands, and more.

Weave Your Wedding Destination into Your Wedding

 There is a reason you are having your wedding in a faraway place and you should take full advantage of it. Whether it’s a village in the mountains of Canada, a beach resort in Puerto Rico, a Greek island, or a tropical resort in the Bahamas, use the local culture and integrate it into your wedding.

Go for fresh, local goods, which will be more affordable than preparing  foods from the United States. Make it homey, local, and full of character.

Use local flowers instead of roses and peonies and incorporate what makes your destination so special and beautiful. The splash of colors, the aromas, and the sheer uniqueness of it all will both delight your guests and yourself and provide the perfect backdrop for a beautiful wedding film.

Dress for Your Destination

Before embarking on any wedding dress shopping spree, remember where you are getting married. Hot and humid places require light dresses so you don’t sweat. Anything that is too bulky and not airy enough will make you feel uncomfortable. You want to look your best for your wedding, so make sure you look relaxed in your wedding gown.

Likewise, a snowy destination requires warmer, cozier dresses, wraps, and shoes. All these suggestions are valid for the groom’s tuxedo or suit, too!

Reach Your Destination Well in Advance of Your Wedding

Give yourself a few days at your destination prior to your wedding to make sure everything goes as planned. Don’t arrive the day before the wedding to discover that the music band has canceled or the flowers haven’t arrived yet.

Arriving a few days before the wedding can give you precious time to iron out any delays, problems, or unexpected events.

Make Your Guests Feel at Home

Your guests are traveling somewhere far and unfamiliar. Make it easy and comfortable for them with welcome packs. Include maps, bottled water, local delicacies and snacks, contact information, candles, soaps, and anything that will make their stay more enjoyable.

Also, arrange for fun activities and trips for your guests. Organize wine tasting events, bike rides, swimming activities, museum visits, or anything that is special to your destination. Offer your friends and family the opportunity to discover the place and enrich their experience.

What Do I Need To Carry with Me to My Wedding Destination?

Unless you are getting your wedding dress from a local vendor, you must bring it with you. If you are traveling by plane, we suggest you don’t check it with your luggage in case your luggage gets lost. Carry your dress and the groom’s tuxedo with you.

Apart from all the wedding apparel like clothes, shoes, and veil, you should bring your make-up, hair accessories, cosmetics, perfume, as well as the wedding bands.

A destination wedding is not just about the wedding. If you are planning a rehearsal dinner, a brunch with your guests, a welcome party, or a farewell party, you need to have the appropriate clothes. So, don’t forget comfortable, everyday clothing, and shoes. You may also want to continue exploring the location in the days following the ceremony and enjoy your first days of married life, so don’t leave behind your pajamas, underwear, and swimsuit (for a beach destination)!

Reverent Wedding Films Will Be at Your Wedding Destination

Our Reverent Wedding Films videographers will travel to your wedding destination to capture your moment. Our wedding films will incorporate everything that makes your wedding unique, colorful, and distinctive.

To create a personalized wedding video that speaks of your love, check our availability online or call now 832-536-1897. We film weddings in Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, New Braunfels, and San Antonio, Texas, as well as destination weddings all over the world. We will help you celebrate your wedding in the most authentic way!

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