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In the technology era where choosing your wedding hashtag is as important as choosing your flowers, it seems to be everyone’s default mode to photograph and film special occasions on their cell phones.  But when you’ve hired talented professionals to capture your nuptials, you don’t want your guests to experience the wedding through their lens and you don’t want all of those tiny glaring screens showing up in your photos and films.  Here’s 3 practical ways to unplug your ceremony!

1. Family

To begin with, ask your family to spread the word.  This is incredibly effective! If your guests have already heard that you and your fiancé want everyone to be in the moment without a screen, the other reminders at your wedding won’t be news to them.  You can even include a small note in your invitation that your ceremony is screen-free, but the cocktail hour and reception can be documented by your guests.

2. Sign and Programs

A simple sign that matches your style is a great reminder for your guests as they find their seats at your wedding!  Alternatively, you can include a note in your wedding program.  I have even seen some great ideas to keep your guests occupied during a longer ceremony: a personalized crossword puzzle or word search, a place to write a note or advice for the bride and groom, et cetera.

3. Ushers and Planner

Ask your ushers and planner to tactfully remind the guests of your preferences if they happen to notice anyone bring in a tablet, or try to position themselves near the aisle with their phone ready.


Let’s face it, when you look out at your guests on your wedding day, you don’t want to see Aunt Shirley’s neon pink tablet in the second row, and you certainly don’t want to see it in your photos and films later.  By following these 3 tips, you can feel confident that your ceremony will look flawless and screen-less in your wedding films!