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I am so honored to share new wife Jacklyn Dang McCollin’s thoughts on why cinematography was one of her top priorities!

Why I chose to capture my wedding

“So you’re newly engaged and you cannot wait until your wedding day! You start planning and the first thing you think of is where do we want to say “I do,” but for me… the big question was… who do I want to capture my big day?  I knew that the two most important things on my list were video and photography. My family recently went through a hard time after losing five family members in a car accident, including my mother. When something tragic like this happens, you’re only left with memories of your loved ones and luckily for me, those memories were accessible through videos and photos.  For this reason, I knew that I needed to find the perfect cinematographer and photographer to document our special day.”

How we found Reverent Wedding Films

“After a series of unfortunate obstacles and vetting several different vendors, we came across Reverent Wedding Films and I am so grateful that we did.  They were such an amazing team to work with prior, during, and post-wedding. We received our wedding teaser three days after our nuptials and got our wedding highlight just a few weeks after, which I thought was just unheard of (and amazing)!  The best thing about having films and photos from the wedding day is being able to share these special moments with our family and friends that span across the world in Europe, Asia, and Australia that could not make the distance. I cannot express my gratitude enough for the amazing quality of service we received.  My biggest advice to all current and future brides is that cinematography and photography is a MUST – you definitely do not want to look back and regret not having booked these services. I know that I will remember my wedding day 5 years from now, but 35 years from now? Who knows how much I’d actually remember from it if it weren’t for films and photos.”

Our Films

Jacklyn & Nick: The Teaser

Jacklyn & Nick: The Highlight