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Your wedding is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life. But let’s face it, weddings can be expensive. If you’re looking for ways to save money on your big day, one option is to get a discount on your marriage license.

To get a discount on your marriage license, you’ll need to participate in premarital counseling. This can be done through your church or another organization that offers counseling services. The purpose of premarital counseling is to help you and your future spouse prepare for marriage. During counseling, you’ll discuss topics such as communication, conflict resolution, and financial planning. (Seriously it can be so much fun and is such a great foundation to start your marriage on!)

A marriage license can cost between $35 to $150. With an approved 8 hours of a premarital training course, you could waive the fee up to 100%!

To find out if your state offers a discount on marriage licenses, contact your local county clerk’s office. They will be able to tell you what discounts are available and how to apply!

Want some additional tips? Keep in mind that every county varies, so make sure you call your county clerk to double-check their requirements.

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Let’s begin!

Contact your county clerk, fill out an application, and make an appointment to obtain your marriage license.

What to bring to your appointment?

  • Your Fiance! Both you and your partner need to be present during your appointment.
  • Drivers license, state ID card, birth certificate, military ID, birth certificate, or passport
  • Parental consent if underage; you may also need a court order in this case
  • Social security number
  • Proof of citizenship and/or residence
  • Both your parents’ full birth names, birth dates, and birth states. If they are deceased, the date of their passing.
  • If divorced, divorce decree
  • If widowed, a death certificate

When can you get it?

Most counties will not allow you to get your marriage license more than 90 days in advance of your wedding, but no later than 72 hours before your wedding. (This can be waived with a premarital counseling certificate!)

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Let’s make it official!

Newly weds! Don’t forget to sign your marriage license. In addition to your signatures, you’ll need two witnesses. The best man and maid of honor would be perfect for this job! Also, don’t forget to have your officiant sign the document and send it in for you.

This is an exciting moment for you, as you are officially declaring your love for each other in front of the law. You will remember this moment forever, as it is the first step in your journey towards a lifetime of happiness together.

In the meantime, check out this website to learn more about premarital counseling and find resources near you!