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Our couple of the week is the wonderful Tim and Lauren! These two had such a gorgeous wedding at Beckendorff Farms and have such an unbelievably sweet love story! Read on to hear how they met and fell in love!

Tim and Lauren met during the second semester of their freshman year at Auburn University. They were introduced by a mutual YoungLife friend on the second floor of the Auburn student center.

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The two encountered one another a few more times that year, one of which being an impromptu walk to grab Chick-fil-a before joining their friends in hammocks in the garden. But it wasn’t until the beginning of their sophomore year, when another friend had talked them both into enrolling in a kayaking class, that they became best friends.

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The tight group that had taken the class together became the closest of pals. Tim and Lauren were like brother and sister – neither ever thought that The Lord would change their hearts to be inclined toward one another romantically. But lo and behold, The Lord works in mysterious and wonderful ways.

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The second semester of their sophomore year, around the middle of February, God did a work in the hearts of Lauren and Tim. On almost the exact day, Lauren and Tim both began having weird, new, romantic feelings for their good friend. They prayed and prayed about these feelings that they would be of the Lord or that He would take them away and refine the desires of their hearts to reflect those of The Lord. Both began to journal their prayers about these feelings on almost the same days in February.

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They didn’t tell a soul until around the middle of March, Lauren told her sweet friend who gave some wise advice to keep praying and look to God for affirmation. On this very same day that Lauren finally confided in her friend, she went to hang out with Tim and some other friends that evening. The group dwindled and Lauren and Tim were left to watch youtube music videos of some of their favorite artists into the late hours of the night.

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Lauren was put to sleep by the soothing music and what seemed like minutes later she was awakened in a daze. As she was coming to, Tim leaned over and planted one on her. Yep. A kiss. He kissed her. Without warning or explanation. She thought she was dreaming! She saw the time then quickly began to gather herself and relayed that she had better get to bed because she had early classes the next morning. He walked her to her car without a word about the kiss. She was shocked.

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Lauren could barely sleep when she went home that night because her mind was so plagued with what had just transpired. At Tim’s apartment. On Tim’s couch. At 2 in the morning. On a school night. With her best dude friend. The next morning she made it to 2 of her 4 Thursday classes before calling her friend to come pick her up and help her figure out what had happened the night before. When she told her friend about what took place the night before, she was as confused as Lauren was. This friend was also in their tight-knit group of 6 and none of them would have ever dreamed of two of their members becoming romantically involved with one another.

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She was determined to help Lauren and Tim smooth this over before they left for their Spring Break trip the next week. Thankfully she intervened and talked some sense into Tim. He was shocked that it had been troubling Lauren’s thoughts because in his mind, she probably didn’t think twice about it… He finally texted Lauren, told her that he wanted to talk to her, and made plans to pick her up at her dorm and take her somewhere to chat. They ended up going to the Red Barn, an event space on Auburn’s campus, and sitting at a picnic table to pour their hearts out.

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In short, Tim told Lauren he liked her and said that the Lord had given him the desires in his heart to care for her in more than a friendship way. He said he had been falling deeper into love with Jesus which made him see Lauren in a different light. She was overwhelmed with joy and peace and finally contentment with the way she had been feeling for the past two months, so much so that she couldn’t even put it into words.

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When he asked her how she felt, she tried to relay her feelings but did a pretty poor job… Lauren told tim that he had been on her heart as of late and she had been praying about him. Kind of leaving out the part about how she really liked him and the Lord changing the desires of her heart as well… Words are hard. They concluded their conversation with the decision to see how their spring break trip goes and feel out the possibility of a relationship and Tim would take Lauren on a date the Friday after spring break.

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To sum it up their time at the ranch in Texas went swimmingly, the two had a blast with their friends and knew from the start that they wanted to pursue a relationship with one another. When they got back, Tim took Lauren on a hammocking, exploring, rollerblading, dinner date and the two couldn’t have imagined a better first date.

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That same weekend was Easter and Lauren, being from Texas, couldn’t go home so Tim invited her to spend the weekend with his family in Birmingham. On Easter Sunday, after spending the whole day with Tim’s family and friends, He took Lauren to a lookout point in Birmingham and asked her to be his girlfriend. An exciting chain of events ensued in a very short amount of time but The Lord knew what he was doing. He ordained the path before Tim and Lauren’s relationship and blessed the two more than they could have ever imagined.

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Check out this sweet video of Lauren and Tim’s proposal weekend that their friend took!

We are so blessed that we were able to share Lauren and Tim’s special day with them and witness the love these two share for each other. It is very clear that Lauren and Tim are a perfect pair and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for their relationship.


Watch their full stunning Spotlight wedding film below!