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Bethany and Bradley are our couple of the week! These two have an amazing story filled with long distance, close relationships, and love. Scroll through to read more about their story from Bethany’s perspective and see shots from their stunning wedding film!

Bradley and I initially met in church Sunday school in the 5th grade. Our parents were friends, but we were both shy and quiet so nothing came of anything until in our early twenties, when we surprisingly reconnected.

We went on a couple of dates, but I decided that I wasn’t ready for anything serious.  

Five years later and we reconnected (again) and we were both in the right place and right time to seriously consider our future together. We dated for a year and half and survived many a question from friends and family a to when we would be getting engaged.

We had just spent the weekend in the hill country for a college friend’s wedding and to see my family, where many friends had all been thinking the same thing— “When are Bethany and Bradley going to get engaged?”

Unbeknown to me, while we were visiting my parents, Bradley snuck in a private conversation with my dad to ask his permission to marry me.  And two days later,  on a Wednesday night after we ate dinner out with his dad, our lives changed.

We went back to Bradley’s house to do some laundry and I helped him pack for his next shift at work. While I was busy folding he secretly went into his closet and put a ring box into his pocket.  After we had finished folding clothes, I leaned back against the head of the bed and he knelt down next to me.

He spoke beautiful, private words and ask me to marry him! Through happy tears, I said yes. 🙂

We are so excited for this couple and feel so blessed that we were able to witness the love they share! Watch their full film below and see just how perfect these two are for yourself!