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Typically, brides select their bridal bouquet and floral centerpieces based on their color scheme, the current trends, and the season. But have you ever wondered what your favorite flowers actually mean? The symbolic meaning of flowers dates back to the Victorian era when the “Language of Flowers”, a publication that acted as a flower dictionary, was created as a romantic way for lovers to express themselves without the need for words. Not only did the flower define a sentiment, but the color, arrangement, and manner of delivery also carried a message to the recipient. It was the perfect way to express deep feelings in a very proper and polite society. If you want to add some sentimental symbolism to your wedding, be inspired by our glossary of popular flowers for weddings and their meanings to help you decide which ones mirror your own unique love story!



Meaning “expectation” or “anticipation”, anemones symbolize a future together forever. What a sweet sentiment for your wedding day!

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These popular flowers represent innocence and pureness. They are also cost-effective and available year-round, so they are a perfect addition to your arrangements.


Each color of these blooms has a different meaning: Pink represents boldness, red symbolizes love, and white indicates talent. Which color would you choose for your wedding?


Cornflowers represent prosperity and friendship, two things everyone hopes for in their marriage!


Arguably one of the more popular flowers for weddings, the dahlia symbolizes commitment and a bond that lasts forever. The delicate layers of petals and the season that it blooms in makes it perfect for summer events.


Depending on the color and type of daisy, it can mean several different things. Commonly, daisies represent happiness or cheerfulness, as well as the openness of emotion.


Gardenias have the most incredible scent; it fills any room with its perfume! They also represent purity and joy, making them a perfect and delicious addition for your wedding.



Like the carnation, each color blossom has a separate meaning: pink means love and sincere emotions, blue symbolizes forgiveness or regret, white represents purity, grace, and abundance, and purple indicates abundance, wealth and royalty.


Irises symbolize faith and wisdom, a beautiful way to begin your marriage.


In the language of flowers, purple lilacs symbolize the first emotions of love, while white lilacs represent youthful innocence.


These exotic flowers have traditionally been associated with love, fertility, and elegance for centuries. They are perfect for corsages and boutonnieres or for an oceanside ceremony.

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Surprisingly, peonies were given a negative meaning during the Victorian era. They were said to represent poor luck. However, in ancient Chinese culture, they represent beauty and honor and were a status symbol in the royal gardens.


A bouquet of colorful ranunculus says, in the language of flowers, “I am dazzled by your charms.” What a sweet message for your groom to see as you walk down the aisle!


Not surprisingly, roses are considered the flowers of romance. However, each color represents a different kind of love: red symbolizes passion, pink symbolizes friendship, white symbolizes true and abiding love, and yellow indicates a jealous and consuming love.


Because the face of the sunflower is known to follow the sun, the sunflower traditionally symbolizes adoration and loyalty. The cheerful color and symbolism make them perfect additions to your rustic summer wedding.


Classic brides love including tulips in their arrangements as they are tall, stately flowers. Indicating love and passion, they are beautiful for the most romantic day of your life!

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Your bouquet and florals are such an important aspect of your wedding and will be highlighted in your films and photos! What a wonderful secret knowing that you have hidden messages in your arrangements and bouquets that capture your love story. What secret meaning are you hoping your florals convey? We’d love to hear your thoughts!