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On a day focused primarily on the bride, it’s important to make your groom feel equally as special. After all, it’s his big day too! Although it’s not necessary, an unofficial gift exchange on the morning of the wedding between the bride and groom can be fun. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift – a keepsake token or something meaningful works just as well to give your groom.

For The Drinker

Personalized Flask

This is a classic groom’s gift! There are many kinds of flasks, from metal to leather-bound, so choose a style that fits your fiancé. Engrave it with both of your initials or your wedding date or any special message so he thinks of you every time he uses it. Bonus points if you fill it with his favorite liquor before you give it to him!

Decanter And Whiskey Glasses

Whether you decide to customize the set or keep it simple, a whiskey set has timeless character. Add a bottle of your groom’s favorite whiskey, and he and the groomsmen will test it out pre-ceremony, and your photographer and cinematographer will capture that special moment!

For The Outdoorsman

Personalized Grilling Set

Are you marrying the king of the grill? Gift him a beautiful new set of grilling tools unique to him!

Flying Lessons

If your fiancé is more of an adventurer, he will love this gift! Whether it is for solo lessons, or an activity for you both, he will enjoy taking to the skies and finding a new hobby.

Engraved Pocket Knife

Like the flask, there are many different types of knives and ways to personalize it, but I love the idea of a simple Swiss Army knife with an inscription of your wedding date or the coordinates where you first met. Useful and sentimental!

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For The Gentleman


A watch is a practical and extravagant gift. Whether you choose a casual, everyday watch, or a luxury timepiece, your groom will love this gift from you! Find out when you purchase about the exchange policy, just in case it does not fit or is not quite his style.

Personalized Cufflinks

A beautiful pair of cufflinks will complete his look on the day of the wedding, and would make a sweet keepsake. You can personalize them by purchasing them in a theme that he loves (my husband has a pair of Superman cufflinks!) or you can have them engraved with your wedding date or his initials for a more classic look.

Cigar Set

Another present that can be enjoyed with his groomsmen is a set of cigars. Make sure your photo and film team are there when your fiancé opens and uses this gift! What a fun way to capture the celebration in the groomsmen suite pre-ceremony.

For The Sentimental

Fountain Pen And Love Letter

Purchase a special keepsake pen as a gift for your groom on his wedding day and also use it to write him a sweet note about how excited you are to become his wife! Both gifts will be treasured for years to come.

Leatherbound Journal

For the writer, a beautifully bound journal with a little note from you is a perfect wedding gift.

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For The Lighthearted

New Socks

This is a silly way to make sure your groom does not get “cold feet” on the day of your wedding! Buying socks for him is just a fun little memento, and one that he can use after the wedding day too.


Are you heading to a tropical honeymoon after your reception? Give him a pair of new sunglasses for the trip and yet another reason to look forward to the honeymoon!

We see many sweet moments during the wedding day gift opening, so make sure our cinematography team is aware of when you are exchanging gifts so we can capture the emotion and celebration!