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What Should Be Included in a Wedding Highlight Video?

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A wedding highlight video is a beautiful way to preserve the best moments of one of the most important days of your life. It can be a beloved treasure for you and your spouse to watch and relive the love, laughter, and memories for years to come. You can also use it to share the day’s events with loved ones who couldn’t attend.

What Is a Wedding Highlight Video, Exactly?

Creating this wedding treasure starts with capturing the day on film. Depending on the amount of time in the contract between the cinematographer and the couple, moments before and after the ceremony and reception can also be filmed.

Typically, the couple is followed throughout the day by cinematographers with high-tech filming equipment. Once filming is complete, the editor compiles, trims, and edits the footage to tell your wedding story using the best moments of the day.

How Long Should a Wedding Highlight Video Be?

How long should your wedding video be? The standard wedding highlight film is one to seven minutes long, but at Reverent Wedding Films, ours range from three to nine minutes.

Videos that run longer than that run the risk of no longer being highlight videos and, instead, turning into documentaries. Highlight videos are intended to be short and sweet!

What Should Be Included in a Wedding Highlight Video?

Wedding highlight reels include moments that are obviously important, such as the exchanging of vows, the first dance, the cake cutting, and the bouquet toss. Other additions aren’t quite so obvious but just as important. What exactly should be included in a wedding highlight film?

The Bride and Bridesmaids Getting Ready

The bride and her bridesmaids typically get ready together in a private space. It’s also a time for the bride to enjoy the company of her closest friends and relax before the ceremony.

A highlight wedding film can include the bride getting her hair and makeup done, making her entrance in her dress, getting her accessories on, and even drinking a little champagne with her bridesmaids to celebrate the day.

The Groom and Groomsmen Getting Ready

Just as the bride and her party gather to get ready, the groom and his groomsmen do the same. From the groom simply hanging out with his buddies to them all getting into their apparel and styling hair, this time is captured in a wedding highlight video.

The First Look

The first look should be included in a wedding highlight reel, whether it happens during the ceremony or before. This is the moment when the bride and groom first see each other that day.

They may first see each other as the bride walks down the aisle. Alternatively, they could meet before the ceremony in a private room or in an outdoor location for the first look. Discover more classic wedding video poses.

The Toast

The best man or maid of honor gives this speech at the wedding reception. It’s a time for the speaker to share their support and love for the happy couple and offer them wisdom.

Some toasts are emotional and sentimental, and others are funny. Regardless, it should be heartfelt and personal, making it a great addition to the wedding highlight film.

Location B-Roll

A-roll footage of a wedding includes the main shots you want to focus on, and B-roll shots are those that are supplemental and show everything else.

Location B-roll footage is important because it captures all the little moments that make the day special and unique. It can include guests mingling, shots of the ceremony and reception, and anything else that adds interest and atmosphere to the video.

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Discover Reverent Wedding Films Videography Packages

At Reverent Wedding Films, we are proud to offer five different wedding video packages for your consideration.

From The Union, which includes six hours with one cinematographer, two locations, and professional sound and music licensing, to The Angel, with 12 hours, three cinematographers, and much more, our packages ensure that every couple can have the perfect wedding highlight reel to treasure forever.

Tell Your Story with Reverent Wedding Films

Our award-winning team of wedding cinematographers has decades of combined experience capturing the most important wedding moments in videos that are nothing short of perfectly beautiful. Check our availability online or give us a call to learn more about our wedding videography in San Antonio, DFW, Austin, and Houston.