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Don’t get us wrong — we love a good sparkler exit. But lately we have been feeling like more and more couples are choosing a sparkler exit because that is the only option they know of. If you are absolutely set on your sparkler wedding exit, stop reading this blog post and read this one instead! If you want to see alternatives to the classic sparkler exit keep reading! We have found seven alternatives that are perfect for any wedding and that look great on film!


Confetti exits are becoming increasingly popular now. Confetti exits are relatively easy to pull off and look awesome on camera if everyone throws the confetti at the same time. One thing to note is that it looks even better when there is a ton of confetti! Check out the stunning confetti wedding exit in the wedding film teaser below!

Flower Petals

Flower petals are not only romantic but are also a great biodegradable alternative for traditional wedding exits! You can match the flowers to your wedding colors or go for a unique pop of color  with your flowers! Both you and your guests will love getting to throw something you know will look beautiful in your film!

Ribbon Wands

Ribbon wands are a fun way to add a playful touch to our wedding exit. Ribbon wands are easy to make and will bring out the inner child in all of your wedding guests! There are dozens of DIY ribbon wand tutorials on the internet, but most items you will need to make the ribbon wands can be bought in bulk for super cheap!  

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Glow Sticks/ Glow Wands

Glow sticks and Glow wands make great wedding exit props for a night exit! These props look amazing on camera and are perfect for the eclectic couple who wants to stand out! Check out the glow wands that Kayla and Max had at their wedding!

12th Man Towels

Whoop! Perfect for the Aggie Wedding, 12th man towels are relatively inexpensive (you can get about 12 for free at a football game) and make such a memorable and cute wedding exit!


A personal favorite, bubbles are a cute and fun way to end your wedding! Bubbles are also on the cheaper side so buying a ton of them for your wedding guests is no problem! Fun for literally all ages, bubbles have no downside! Check out the adorable send off from Jana and Hunter’s wedding!

Sky Lanterns

This is one of the more unique options on the list. Sky lanterns look so beautiful at weddings and leave guests with an unforgettable experience that most of them have never experienced before!


If you want to go all out and don’t want to mess with the fuss of giving everyone a sparkler, opt for wedding fireworks instead. Similar to the wedding sky lanterns, wedding fireworks have a wow factor to them that will leave your guests entertained and speechless! Check out Shelby and Mark’s firework featuring wedding exit below!

Have any other wedding exits that you think are better than sparkler exits? Tweet them to us @revweddingfilms!