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Your wedding is the most special day of your life,not only for you, but for your family too. Your wedding day symbolizes a culmination of the years they’ve spent watching you grow and now they’re preparing to send you off with the love of your life. With the day being so important to both you and them, it makes sense your family would want to offer any help they can to ensure your wedding day is perfect!

Though their intentions are good, there are some jobs your family simply shouldn’t do. For example, there have been countless stories of family members getting distracted trying to enjoy your wedding when in fact they should be doing your wedding photography or videography, making you miss crucial memories of your wedding day.

In order to ensure your family doesn’t feel left out of your wedding while contributing as best they can, here are three jobs you can give your family members!

Family Helping With Your Wedding | Reverent Wedding Films


If you have a family member who’s a magician in the kitchen or makes great cocktails, asking them to cook food before your wedding or serve as a bartender is a great idea! Whether it’s serving desserts or the main meal, hiring a family member as a cook could save you money without forcing your family member to miss your wedding, as they can attend as a guest once they’ve finished cooking!

Family Helping With Your Wedding | Reverent Wedding Films


If you have a cousin or sibling who’s in a band or DJs, asking them to help out with your wedding could be a great option for you both! You would get a musical act that you know your family and friends would enjoy, while the band gets an opportunity to grow their fanbase by playing for you and your guests!

A word of advice however, if your family member is playing in a band, talk through their track list first! They may want to play original songs, which is fine, but you want to make sure there is a balance between songs they wrote and songs everyone in the wedding will know, for everyone’s enjoyment.

Family Helping With Your Wedding | Reverent Wedding Films

Gift Collection And Organization

We cannot understate how helpful it is to hire an organized family member to help with gift collection and organization. From helping guests find out where to place their wedding gifts to making sure said gifts are safe and out of everyone’s way while you enjoy your wedding day, a gift organizer is one of the best jobs to give a family member.

Whether you find a job for your family as a food prep, musical act, gift collector or something else, you will want to have their loving contribution to your wedding immortalized so you can remember all the hands that came together to make your wedding day as special as it will be. One of the best ways to do that is to hire a wedding videographer who will capture all aspects of your wedding without getting in anybody’s way and give you memories for years to come of the love your family has for you, as well as the love you and your husband have for each other. Reverent Wedding Films offers professional and award-winning wedding videography that will remind you of the magic of your wedding for years to come.  Check our availability!