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We love sparkler exits. Not only are they fun and perfect for a happy, celebratory occasion like a wedding, but they look great in wedding films. However, before you jump on the sparkler exit wagon, there are a couple of things you need to check and prepare for.

Make sure your venue allows sparklers

You don’t want to plan the entirety of your wedding exit only to realize that your venue does not allow the main part of your exit! Call your venue in advance to make sure you are good to go and obtain verification in writing so there is no question and no roadblocks on your wedding day!
Check out the lovely wedding exit in the film below!

Make sure your guests know you are having a sparkler exit

A sparkler exit doesn’t look amazing when there are only two people holding sparklers! Have someone announce the sparkler exit or make a blatantly obvious sign and setup that guests can find sparklers for the exit at!
Check out the most fun sparkler exit we have ever seen below!

Make sure your shoulders are covered and your guests are a distance away from you

We cannot stress this one enough. We have seen so many brides fall victim to the occasional spark to the shoulder. Not fun! Make sure this doesn’t happen by either wearing a shawl if your dress does not have long sleeves or making sure your guests stand farther back than normal!
How awesome is Lindsay and Patrick’s sparkler exit below?

Make sure there is a cleanup in place for after

If all of the preparations are done and your venue allows sparklers, the last thing to do is to plan where your guests are going to throw them away! Ask your venue if they have a specific protocol and if they do not assign your coordinator or one of the members of your wedding party to set up disposal!
Check out Rebecca and Garrison’s sparkler exit in the film below!

Enjoy it

Don’t rush through your grand exit. This is the last moment of your wedding, savor every second of it!
Check out Lauren and Tim’s sparkler wedding exit in the film below!