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Wedding planning. Just those two words are enough to strike fear into the hearts of the most organized couples. Between wedding videography, song selection and guest invitation, most couples are overwhelmed before they even begin. That is why Reverent Wedding Films has created this list of our top tips we like to recommend to our brides.

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Tip 1:

Hire a wedding planner or a day of coordinator

We have said this countless times on our blog, but hiring a wedding planner is so essential to having a less stressful and seamless special day. A wedding planner is an expert in the wedding industry and has way more experience in making weddings magical!

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Tip 2:

Hire a wedding videographer

Okay, we’re biased. We know. But wedding photographs capture all of the detail in your wedding while wedding videography and cinematography capture the moments of your wedding day for a lifetime. Need more convincing? Check out some of our films to see past weddings that were captured forever.

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Tip 3:

Plan your wedding budget in advance

Wedding planning comes with a lot of costs. If you plan in advance where your money is going to go you will have less stress and headache on your wedding day. Planning your wedding budget in advance also gives you plenty of time to seek out a wide range of options and find the choices that fit your style and budget the best. Planning in advance also allows couples to plan for all of the little details of a wedding that add up quickly.

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Tip 4:

Let people help

Your friends and family are more than likely going to be over the moon that you are getting married. Let them be a part of your life by letting them help! Even if it is just helping address envelopes, being able to bond over wedding planning will bring you closer together to those in your life.

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Tip 5:

Keep your guests selective, but in mind

It is very tempting to invite everyone you have ever met in your entire life to your wedding— or at least the people you like. However, cutting down your guest list will not only keep stress levels low on your wedding day, but will also cut down costs by a ton. Use our free tool here for more help!

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Tip 6:

Keep an emergency list handy

Keeping an emergency list handy not only reduces your stress on your wedding day, but it also provides your vendors and helpers with phone numbers of specific people to fix problems quicker if they arise. We love all of the wedding emergency contact templates that are on the internet, and even made one for free use here!

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Tip 7:

Find your inspiration and ideal wedding look

Having a wedding look and feel will help you pinpoint what you need for your dream wedding. If you want a more minimalistic look then you won’t have to spend time and money looking for little wedding details and intricacies. After you narrow down what you do and don’t want in your wedding you can spend time actually focusing on the things you do want and making moves to get them!

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Tip 8:

Check items off your list as soon as possible

Completing things off your to-do list as soon as possible allows you to focus on the unexpected things that might come up closer to the wedding date, feel less stressed about all of the wedding related things on your plate, and focus on the fun of enjoying your upcoming wedding!

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We hope these wedding tips help you plan your future perfect wedding! Have any additional wedding tips we missed? Let us know on our social media channels!

All photos are from our latest wedding film you can watch below!!