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In the age of Pinterest and unlimited wedding resources more and more companies are offering eco-friendly alternatives to common wedding services. From going paperless to including donations in their weddings, more couples are opting for green weddings and we are all about it!

Reverent Wedding Films prides itself on being a part of the digital wedding community! Because our videos are delivered on USB drives and online, we can minimize waste production without sacrificing the quality of our product!
Along with digital photography and cinematography, here are our top choices on the best ways to make sure your wedding is eco-friendly!

Opt for a natural wedding exit

While confetti and sparklers make for great exits, there are plenty of eco-friendly alternatives that look just as great! By using recycled paper or seed paper for confetti, you are able to achieve the same look with less impact (or no impact) to the environment! Another alternative to paper altogether is using leaf/ natural confetti! We love the DIY leaf confetti look some couples are creating by using a hole puncher to cut out circles of different colored leaves! Not only do you save money and waste production when using natural confetti, but you also save cleaning time when you use them outside!

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Hire Local Vendors

If you can, hiring local vendors (like Reverent Wedding Films!) will minimize travel costs, fuel costs, and environmental tolls that come with hiring vendors that are not local. 

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Choose recyclable dinnerware/stationary/ coasters

Weddings produce a lot of trash. From invitations to programs a lot of paper is used to make the amount of products needed for all of your guests. Luckily there are companies like Green Paper Products and LetsGoGreen that offer sustainable alternatives. Both companies offer biodegradable and compostable options for bowls, plates, platters and more. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice elegance for eco-friendly, either. Biodegradable materials can include Bamboo, Sugarcane and many other aesthetically pleasing mediums.

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Pick bridesmaid/groomsmen clothes that they will wear again

This one is not only sustainable, but is just plain courteous. Bridesmaid dresses are notorious for being articles of clothing useful for two things: Being worn at one wedding and wasting space in the back of your closet for the rest of eternity. Your bridesmaids and groomsmen will love you even more than they already do for choosing clothing that they get to wear more than once!

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Rent/donate flowers

We’ve mentioned Bloomerent on this blog before, but there are many other wedding flower websites that allow you to use your flowers to their full shelf life. You can also consider using potted plants that you can move to your new home instead of cut flowers that will need to be disposed of after your wedding day.
If cut flowers are absolutely your thing, think about donating them to either another wedding through Bloomerent or to a local hospital through services like Random Acts of Flowers and Petals With Purpose! With companies like Petals With Purpose your flowers are donated to nursing homes, youth organizations and other care facilities to spread joy to those who need them!

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Opt for charitable favors

Let’s face it, a lot of wedding favors get thrown away a week after the wedding. Your custom wedding sunglasses may seem like a cute idea in theory, but most people already have their favorite pair of sunglasses and the wedding favor they got will probably either end up in a drawer somewhere or end up being tossed. It is for this reason that many couples are opting out of tangible wedding favors altogether and replacing them with charitable donations. Some couples allow their guests to choose which charities receive their donations through interactive activities while others choose a charity that means a lot to them!
Still want your guests to have a physical wedding favor? There are a ton of companies that offer wedding favors plus a donation to their charity of choice! Companies like Dog Tag Bakery and Project 7 are perfect examples of companies that do this!   

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Opt for green favors like plants

A couple of posts ago we talked about DIY wedding favors that were simple and cute for the DIY bride to achieve! One of those ideas was DIY plant favors! Giving out green favors are not only super trendy right now (succulent favors are all over Pinterest and Instagram), but are also a great way to get your guests a gift they can actually use!

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Eliminate Food Waste

If you planned way too much food for your guests allow them to take some home or donate the leftovers to a nearby food bank! We promise your friends, family, and community will appreciate the food later and you won’t look any less elegant for caring about the people that matter most in your life!

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Provide a shuttle

Not only is this a great option if you are having alcohol at your wedding (yay for safe rides!) but having a shuttle also ensures no guests will be late for your wedding and less cars are used to get to your wedding venue (yay for sustainability!).

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Find out if your wedding venue has a recycling station/ what their trash disposal protocol is

Knowing this ahead of time can ensure that you make the right plans when choosing the details of your wedding. You want to make sure that all of the preparation you took when choosing your stationary, dinnerware, etc. does not go to waste (pun intended!) when you actually get to your special day!

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We hope you enjoyed this limited list of ways you can plan your wedding to be more eco-friendly! Know of any more ways to implement eco-conscious thinking into your special day? Let us know in the comments below!

We hope you enjoyed this limited list of ways you can plan your wedding to be more eco-friendly! Know of any more ways to implement eco-conscious thinking into your special day? Tweet them to us at @revweddingfilms!