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Why Does Your Wedding Need Drone Footage?

Have you ever sat in an airplane window seat just to look at the scenery while flying thousands of feet over rolling hills, sparkling waters, or lush gardens?

What if you could have the same aerial perspective for your wedding? Drone footage is no longer a luxury but a real, accessible possibility that will uplift your wedding film and offer you perspectives of your wedding you couldn’t possibly imagine.

Here at Reverent Wedding Films, we offer wedding film packages that include drone footage. Alternatively, you can add drone footage to any package you choose.

We believe that your wedding film should be extraordinary, capturing all the special moments from all possible angles and different perspectives. That’s where drone footage becomes essential.

An Aerial Perspective of Your Wedding Venue

Drone footage is perfectly suited for filming majestic landscapes like mountain tops, valleys, vineyards, lakes, beach venues, and anything that offers large expanses.

An aerial take of your venue is something that’s almost impossible to grasp when you are on the ground. Your perception of your wedding shifts dramatically when it’s seen from above. The trees, flowers, bushes, water elements, paths, and buildings in your wedding venue look stunning from high above. The aerial views add depth to your footage and bring out the most spectacular aspects of your wedding.  

Drone footage will make the most of your location while an experienced drone pilot will know how to take full advantage of the light, perspectives, and weather conditions to take a video that will enhance your wedding film in a way you can’t imagine.

Sweeping expansive grounds offer the perfect locations for drone footage and epic shots. Wide-open spaces are difficult to capture on camera but a drone will give you a bird’s eye perspective.

Drone Footage Captures Views No Human Can Reach

Unless your cinematographer can fly over hills and mountains or walk on water, there are some views that no human can reach simply because they aren’t accessible on foot.

A drone, however, sees everything from up to 400ft above ground. It can fly above hilltops, lakes, cliffs, rocks, fields, and the sea. Drones provide us with astonishing views that will make your wedding look like a blockbuster film. Which is hardly surprising, of course, given that Reverent Wedding Films founder Clay Vaughan started working in high-end studios like ESPN and Fox before deciding to make high-end visual storytelling accessible to everyone in Texas.

Aerial Drone | Reverent Weddings, The Best Wedding Videography

Use Drone Footage for Unique Takes

Have you arranged for a spectacular display of fireworks at the end of your wedding? Have you planned your wedding to coincide with the sun setting below the sea?

Discuss your plans with your cinematographer to arrange for drone footage of any breathtaking moments of your wedding. From high above, these beautiful occasions will take on a whole new meaning. If you think that fireworks look lovely from the ground, wait until you feel you’re actually flying among the explosions of light in the sky.

Aerial Drone | Reverent Weddings, The Best Wedding Videography

How about Filming Your Loved Ones from above?

Filming emotions and capturing people’s smiles and joy is what makes a cinematic wedding film feel authentic.

Here, too, drone footage can augment your wedding film by providing aerial takes of your loved ones from above. Due to the relative novelty of drone footage, people smile, wave, dance, and generally have more fun when in the presence of a drone. Their interaction adds value and joy to your wedding.

Likewise, you can organize an aerial view of a group of people forming a circle or a heart around the couple. You can even place your guests to make letters on the ground and film these from the drone. This could add a uniquely personal and loving touch to your wedding film.

Have Your Photographer and Cinematographer Work Together for Exceptional Shots

You can coordinate with your photographer to take drone shots of your guests during the portrait session. While your photographer is setting your guests for group photos, you can arrange for the drone to capture these moments for a special behind-the-scenes movie. Combining these two takes can give your wedding film some beautifully touching and emotional moments that are invaluable.

The Passionate Moments that Matter

Love, joy, and affection are overwhelming feelings worth capturing.

Every wedding has some special moments that capture the love between you and your loved one. The intimacy of your wedding stands in contrast to the wide landscape. It makes your love story more significant and more poignant when set against such a background.

Drone footage will catch these special moments where your love is complemented by the beauty of the landscape.

As for your guests, filming from above an embrace, kiss, smile or tear gives them a whole new perspective. The cinematic aspect is elevated to a whole new level, creating your own romantic film.

Drone Footage Is Simply Epic

Having an eye in the sky and filming your wedding from above makes for epic footage. However, you may wish to avoid filming the ceremony. Because of the drone noise, we strongly suggest using drone footage before the ceremony and after, to give ample space and solemnity to your wedding ceremony.

You can still capture special moments from above to preserve the memories of your wedding in a different way. Drone footage will add depth and varying perspectives and angles to your special day.

If you are looking for an original yet highly personalized cinematic wedding film, Reverent Wedding Films are here to make your wedding film truly vivid.

Your favorite wedding cinematographer, Reverent Wedding Films, can add breathtaking drone footage to your wedding. Contact us now to book your wedding date at 832-639-0587, or check our availability online.