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February 14th is a day of love. From the hearts to the roses, the chocolate, and the strawberries, Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year. If you planned for your wedding to be near Valentine’s Day, you should look to include such a romantic day in your plans!

What holds many couples back from fully embracing Valentine’s Day on their wedding day is the worry that it will come across as cheesy. Fear not, however! There are many ways to incorporate Valentine’s day into your wedding in ways that will be stylish and make your wedding that much better!

1. Incorporate Hearts and Roses

If you want to bring the spirit of Valentine’s Day to your wedding, make sure you use hearts and the proper flowers. The flowers are the easiest part of the decoration, as roses are a staple of Valentine’s Day. Incorporate pink and red roses into your bouquet, and have each bridesmaid hold a rose as a cute addition to your wedding.

Decorating with hearts is where many people tend to go overboard with the decorations, so the more simplistic, the better. Instead of looking to have a massive heart-shaped photo booth, maybe go for heart-shaped plates as your centerpiece or a heart-shaped garland.

2. Dress Your Bridesmaids In Red or Pink

If you want to demonstrate the vibe of Valentine’s Day without using decor, your bridesmaids could be the perfect way to do that. Having the bridesmaids wear pink or red dresses is a great way to help everyone at your wedding feel the Valentine’s Day love.

3. Using a Heart-Shaped Altar

If you want to do something big for your Valentine’s Day wedding, using a heart-shaped altar is one of the most eye-catching ways to do it. Heart-shaped altars make for great photo backgrounds and certainly represent Valentine’s Day.

They make great backgrounds for wedding films, too. We’d be honored to film your Valentine-themed wedding.

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