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Your wedding film will be one of the most beautiful reminders of your wedding, giving you a chance to look back on the once-in-a-lifetime memories whenever you please.


According to Wedding Film veteran Daniel Miller, “the best shots to have are ones where there is minimal direction from the shooters, and the couple is just interacting with each other, being themselves.” For some couples though, being in front of the camera is unnatural and uncomfortable, and that’s okay!


If you find yourself uncomfortable or unable to be yourself in front of the camera, here are three videographer-approved go-to poses that always look amazing in your wedding film!

Joyce Olubimni | Reverent Wedding Films

Walking & Holding Hands

Holding your husband’s hand while walking through a door is a beautiful symbolic gesture of the step you two are taking into your new life joined together. As time goes on and you watch your wedding film, you’ll reflect on the years you have spent together. It will be a beautiful reminder of how you two have made it to where you are and that whatever has happened throughout your life, you still tackle it the way you started it: together.

Ashley Tanner Lawson | Reverent Wedding Films

Dancing or Twirling

If you’re not comfortable in front of the camera, dancing and twirling with your husband is a great way to loosen up and get more comfortable in front of the camera. If you two slow dance together, it makes for a beautifully intimate scene that will bring tears to you and your loved ones years later. If the two of you are *ahem* “rhythmically challenged,” don’t let that stop you! Dancing together will still make for a heartwarming image of how comfortable the two of you are around each other while also helping you shake off the nervousness from being in front of the camera.

Bridal Reveal | Reverent Wedding Films

The Reveal of the Bride

That first moment when you step around the corner to see your husband-to-be for the first time, you MUST get his reaction to seeing you in your wedding dress. It makes for one of the most beautiful moments of sincere emotion you can capture before going to the ceremony. 

Whether you find yourself comfortable in front of the camera or not, your wedding video is one of the most lasting investments you can make for your wedding. If you want to ensure your wedding video is shot by award-winning videographers who will give you sweet memories for years to come, contact us today!