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Your wedding film will be one of the most beautiful reminders of your wedding, giving you a chance to look back on the once-in-a-lifetime memories whenever you please.


According to Wedding Film veteran Daniel Miller, “the best shots to have are ones where there is minimal direction from the shooters, and the couple is just interacting with each other, being themselves.” For some couples though, being in front of the camera is unnatural and uncomfortable, and that’s okay!


If you find yourself uncomfortable or unable to be yourself in front of the camera, here are three videographer-approved go-to poses that always look amazing in your wedding film!

Get their input on your wedding registry.

Some people feel awkward or even guilty putting together lists of gifts for other people to get them, and if you feel that way, involving your bridesmaids in your registry plans is one of the best ways to overcome that! Creating a list and asking their input, or their takes on what you want, and asking the bridesmaids who have been married before what underrated gifts they received will be a major help in your wedding planning!

Getting help with your DIY wedding favors.

As of recently, Do-It-Yourself Wedding Favors have been a huge trend and a great way to save money, but they can take up hours if you have to do them yourself. Instead of locking yourself in a room for hours to do the wedding favors, invite your bridesmaids to a crafting brunch! Getting the girls together for food, cocktails and crafts will not only save you time on your wedding favors, but it’s also a great bonding time for all your bridesmaids to get together before the wedding.

Make sure to include them in your dress shopping!

This is the quintessential bridesmaid bonding event, but it cannot be understated how helpful inviting your bridesmaids to your wedding dress shopping events can be for getting them to meet each other and helping you all to bond. It can also be helpful hearing second opinions from those you trust on how good you may look in a dress!

Ultimately, your bridesmaids are there to help you in making your wedding the happiest day of your life. They should be happy to help with anything you may need, but you have to remember how busy they’ll be working on your bachelorette party and wedding shower, so don’t forget to show your appreciation for them.

If you want to look back on your wedding day and remember not only your beautiful moments with your spouse but also how amazing your bridesmaids are, give us a call! Reverent Wedding Films offers professional and award-winning wedding videography that will remind you of the magic of your wedding for years to come.  Check our availability!