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Kaysey and Christian planned a beautiful ceremony and reception on Independence Day this year, and it is a perfect representation of their sweet, all-American love story.❤️

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Christian and Kaysey met while attending Louisiana State University. They immediately bonded over their mutual love for dogs, football, and food! What they didn’t realize is that they had already met about a year before, during the first week of Kaysey’s freshman year. After a week of being inseparable, Christian was already bringing Kaysey home to meet his mama! Kaysey says from then on, they knew that they were meant to be together.

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After Christian graduated, he moved to Laredo, TX to work with the U.S. Border Patrol and Kaysey was wrapping up her last semester at LSU. Due to his crazy work schedule, it looked like he would not be able to attend her graduation ceremony. However, on the morning of her graduation, Kaysey was surprised to see the sweet puppy they shared come bounding into her room! Kaysey tells this part of the story best: “I looked up and Christian was standing there, dressed in his suit, with the biggest smile on his face. Surprised and overjoyed I screamed and hugged and kissed him. We went back to my room, as to not disturb everyone else in my apartment at 6:00am, and all I remember saying was “What are you doing here?” and “What about work?!” I figured he had come in town to surprise me and be there for my graduation. He still had our puppy and I didn’t notice but she had on a brand new collar with a huge bell attached. The bell seemed to be distracting him quite a bit, so he asked me to take it off her collar. As I removed the collar, I saw something sparkle. I did a double take. Little did I notice, while I was taking off the collar, Christian was getting down on one knee!! I saw the ring and dropped the collar with tears already spilling. And he asked, “Will you marry me?” I fell to my knees, shaking and crying, we kissed and of course, I said, “YES!”

December 15th, 2016 was by far the best day of my life.”

Wedding Photography

Watch their beautiful love story here:

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