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You’ve got your dress chosen and now you are looking for the perfect veil to complement your wedding dress! From length to theme to style, there are a few factors you have to take into account before deciding whether a wedding veil is right for you.

After you’ve decided that a wedding veil fits your vision of your perfect wedding, take a look at our wedding veil style guide below for details on our favorite veil styles we see in our wedding films!

Juliet Cap Veil

This veil stops at the top of the forehead in the front and tapers down in the back, giving the veil a vintage look. The cap-like look of the veil was popular in the ‘20s and ‘30s and was embroidered or beaded to add a touch of elegance to the traditional veil.

Birdcage Veil

These veils are shorter veils that partially cover the bride’s face. Birdcage veils bring back a vintage feel to a wedding and allow for a classy, timeless look. These veils can be paired well with any type of jewelry and wedding dress.

Blusher Veil

Longer than Birdcage veils, Blusher veils cover the whole face and usually stop at the shoulders. These veils can be intricate in detail and usually do not require elaborate jewelry worn alongside the eye-catching veil.

Fly- Away Veil

Fly- Away veils are longer than Birdcage veils and fall below the shoulders before the elbow. These veils can be paired with both short or longer dress styles and look perfect on every bride!

Elbow Veil

Elbow veils fall right where you expect them to — right at or slightly below the elbow! This style is perfect for the bride who wants a veil length in between super short and super long. Elbow veils usually have detailed lace or other detailing at the trim of the veil, leading to a classy, yet still modern look.
Check out Courtney and Sam’s Wedding Film below to see her Elbow Veil!

Ballet Veil

The ballet veil is arguably the most intricate of all of the veils. Usually these veils fall at the elbows in the front and below the knee toward the back. These veils are best paired with simple jewelry and simple dress styles, as the veil itself is a stunning view!  
Check out Emily’s Ballet Veil in the video below!

Chapel Veils

Chapel Veils fall past Ballet Veils, usually going all the way to the ground. While these veils are stunning, brides should be sure they are aware of where the veil is, as it can be pretty easy to trip on fabric that long! Especially when you have a million other things racing through your mind on your wedding day!
Check out Kayla’s stunning Chapel Veil in the wedding film teaser  below!

Cathedral Veils

Cathedral Veils fall even further past Chapel Veils, usually trailing behind the bride’s dress. The same awareness that the Chapel Veil needed is needed for Cathedral Veil as well! Since the veil is so long, members of the bridal party might need to help straighten the veil when needed. However, Cathedral Veils lead to some of the most beautiful wedding videos we have seen and create picturesque moments!
Check out Kelly’s Cathedral Veil in this dreamy video!

We hope this veil guide helped you narrow down a look you want to try in your wedding! Have veil photos from your wedding day? Tweet them to us @revweddingfilms!