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With 2018 in full swing, we’ve noticed some wedding trends that seem to be here to stay! Below we’ve listed some of our most noticed — and most filmed — wedding trends for you to incorporate into your wedding!

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Donut Walls

All donut everything

Donuts were the go to food of 2017 and the donut wall is here to stay — at least for a little while longer. As long as you have extra donuts to replace the donuts when they are grabbed, this wall can be a cute addition to your ceremony and can play well with wedding themes!
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Helium happiness

Balloons are one of the decoration items that we recommend being very careful with. Balloons can go from chic to cheap very quickly. While the giant letter balloons are slowly fading as a trend, giant white balloons with tassels or other decorations are gaining popularity fast! We think they will be the go-to item in the months to come!

Overhead blooms

Floral Fun

Floral blooms are always in style, but 2018 brought a new twist to the traditional decoration: Ceiling flowers. This floral decor can be dressed up or down depending on your wedding venue and wedding theme. We love when brides use this technique to make a statement piece at their wedding— and it also looks great in wedding films!

Display Guest Books

Visually appealing guest books

We love the idea of having a guest book that you will actually look at more than once a year! With these creative and clever guest books you’ll be able to hang up a memory of your perfect day somewhere you can look at it daily!

Copper Detailing

Everything Copper

Copper weddings have seen a rise lately while chrome weddings have taken a dip in popularity. The trend of cute copper mugs and copper detailing doesn’t look like it’s stopping any time soon! Give your wedding a rustic look with a touch of copper!

Food Trucks

Foodie Fun

This one is going to be controversial... but we LOVE the food truck trend! It is a great way to add something unique to the modern wedding. For extra personalization chose a truck that has a special meaning to both you and your partner! It is a great way for your guests to know a little more about your relationship!

Puppy Bouquets

Little Wedding Helpers

Okay so this one is just adorable! While we haven't seen too many of these, we love the idea of replacing the bridesmaid bouquets with puppies! Of course this can get pretty crazy pretty quickly, so if you are going to give this trend a try make sure you have a plan for when the puppies stop being sleepy and start being rowdy!

Geometric Decor

Wedding Decoration

Geometric decor has been popping up everywhere lately and we love it! We think this decor gives weddings an elegant yet rustic feel! This decoration style has the ability to elevate even the most simple aspects of your wedding into intricate designs! These geometric centerpieces from deerpearlflowers are perfect examples of geometric done right!
Images from deerpearlflowers.

Flower Crowns

More Floral Fun

Flower crowns have been going strong for a couple of years now. While we like the delicate flower crowns that give your wedding a unique look, flower crowns can be dressed up or down to match the bride's style! We think this trend will likely fizzle in the near future, but for now we are enjoying it while it is still here!

We hope this list helped you explore wedding trends and find some you want to use for your own special day! Have any other trends we didn’t cover here? Tweet them to us @revweddingfilms!!