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Fall is officially here and it’s time to be inspired by all the hues that the season has to offer! Autumn is the perfect time for outdoor celebrations with a colorful backdrop, and your bouquet should match the vibrancy. We’ve listed a few of our favorite autumn bouquet color crushes to keep in mind while planning your fall nuptials.

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Succulent Variety

Few things are as eye-catching as adding succulents to your wedding bouquet. With all of the different textures, sizes, and colors, you have so many options! Since they are available year-round, they are a great option for your fall wedding.

Berry And Forest Green

Deep, rich berry colors paired with forest greens give a beautiful vintage vibe. Everyone will be captivated by this lush bouquet! I love how our sweet bride Christin paired these flowers with elegant green bridesmaid dresses.

Wedding Flowers

Red And White

Deep reds and bright whites intertwined with foxglove is a classic fall look and perfect for almost any style of wedding. Nora’s roses and dahlias shine in her teaser trailer!

Burgundy And Peach

The bold color contrast makes for a striking autumn arrangement! Ask your florist to incorporate soft peach and bold burgundy garden roses with red astilbe and textured greenery to recreate this bridal bouquet. Our bride, Taylor, had a gorgeous bouquet featuring these hues!

Greenery Galore

My personal favorite trend is the greenery bouquet. While you can sprinkle some neutral colored flora throughout or keep it simply green, this arrangement will be a fresh reminder of the fading green of summer and is fun to play with textures: succulents, spears of grasses, eucalyptus, ferns, and even olive branches.

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