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We have filmed weddings at thousands of different wedding venues, including barns, estates, hotels, halls, and restaurants. Couples have plenty of choices when it comes to venues and can usually find the one that perfectly matches their style.

Most couples will choose their wedding venue according to how they envision their wedding, their personal taste, and their budget. For example, a couple that likes the off-the-beaten-track style may choose a laid-back barn in the middle of the countryside. Couples who prefer a more sophisticated and contemporary look will opt for a modern urban venue.

Before booking your venue, however, perhaps you could consult with Reverent Wedding Films to make sure the location has the right spots and areas for great film coverage.

Light, the Indispensable Ingredient

Both photography and videography share a special love of light. Natural light is the most appealing light when filming. The contours and shadows are gentle and all filming comes naturally and unobstructed.

If you have a choice between several wedding venues, we suggest you opt for the one with large windows and plenty of natural light flooding the venue. For indoor weddings, large openings facing the sun bring natural beauty to the space and help your videographer film in optimal conditions.

If your wedding and reception are taking place outdoors, natural light will be everywhere. In this case, canopies, tents, and other shaded areas will provide the perfect spots for the ceremony and reception. Direct midday light can be harsh, whereas a naturally shaded area is ideal in these circumstances.

Choose the Wedding Schedule Carefully

Speaking of light, once you have settled on your venue of choice, consider carefully the time of the wedding. You don’t want to get married in the middle of a summer day. The heat can be annoying, the bride, groom, and guests will be sweating and uncomfortable, and your videographer will struggle with the sharp sunlight.

Instead, plan your wedding to fall around the golden hour or a little bit earlier, if possible. The soft hues of the golden hour add depth to your wedding film and mellow shadows and contours. Some couples choose their wedding ceremony just before the golden hour, so that guests are flooded with the most precious light of the day by the time of the cocktail and reception.

Open Spaces for Drone Footage

Couples who want to include drone coverage for their wedding should remember that drone footage works best outdoors. Make sure your wedding venue has plenty of open spaces where your guests can gather for a wonderful video shoot.

With the help of your videographer, you can also find some beautiful outdoor spots that will form the most spectacular backdrops for drone footage of your couple. Rocks, well-manicured gardens, a beach, or some other interesting landscape features make for amazing videos.

Plan for Rain

Plan for the unexpected, especially if you are getting married in the fall when the weather can be unpredictable.

You should plan for indoor spaces or tents, canopies, and other covers for your ceremony and reception. Again, though, remember that your indoor locations should ideally have plenty of sunlight sweeping through the space.

Large Spaces Are Ideal

From the viewpoint of a videographer, large and open spaces are ideal for wedding footage. They give us texture and the ability to work with crowds across different layers.

Well-optimized spaces have great acoustics for the vows and the toast and help the camera take in everything happening around the couple without displaying guests being packed.

Reverent Wedding Films Will Work at Any Venue

Of course, our videographers at Reverent Wedding Films will be happy to film anywhere, even if the filming conditions are not perfect. If you have found the wedding venue that speaks to your heart and you have already booked it, rest assured we will produce a cinematic video that captures your unique story no matter what.

We have filmed more than 1,000 weddings so we have the expertise to make the most of any location. Call us at 832-536-1897 to book your wedding film and we will take care of the rest!